Holiday Specials Start Now!

Holiday Specials Start Now!

November 18, 2016


 Yarn Loop prides itself in its innovative look at the knitting and crocheting world and is proud to bring you extras with every kit!  Our specialty YARN LOOP KITS always include the pattern and the yarn for any given project, but for a limited time will come with extra goodies through the week of January 1st 2017 as follows:



  • $20.00-35.00 kit includes stitch marker and wool wash sample ($5 value)
  • $35.01-$75.00 kit includes stitch marker set & 3 oz Eucalan wool wash ($10-12.50 value)
  • $75.01-$125.00 kit includes stitch marker set or knitting/needle gauge, 3 oz Eucalan wool wash, & Blue Sky Fibers Project Bag ($18 value)
  • $125.01+ kit will include stitch marker set, 3 oz Eucalan wool wash & Yarn Loop exclusive project bag in festive fair-isle design (project bag may be shipped separately. $24 value)




Every single kit sold will be accompanied by the goodies listed above so if you buy 3 kits, you will receive 3 goodie bags, too!  We cannot take requests on the specific goodies in each package such as wool wash scents or bag colors, but rest assured that we only have the best products available and all can be viewed at   Don't you just love little surprises?

Giant Stitch Blanket Kits will come with 1 of the following depending on the pattern you choose! (up to $35 value!) 

  • 40", 47" or 60" circular needle in size US 36 or US 50 or US 100 by ChiaoGoo, or Addi depending on availability

  • Crochet Hook in Size S, U, or Y by ChiaoGoo or Addi depending on availability

  • $25 gift card to Lowe's/Home Depot to purchase materials to make your very own 2" diameter straight needles with instructions on how to do it!

All Giant Stitch Blanket Kits will come with a sturdy Ribbon with instructions on how to use a lifeline on your project (and allow you to go to the bathroom mid project!)  These kit accessories are included from now until the week of January 1, 2017!

I hope that you are as excited for the cold weather as I am and that you get plenty of time to knit and crochet.  Yarn Loop is starting to upload winter specific projects so check back often for more.  

 My personal favorites include the Baa-ble Hat with the band of sheep baahing and the Basic Norwegian Star Hat (new!) with its bold colors.  I love the Jesie Ostermiller's Snowfall Sweater so much that I made one just for me!  It is a really fast sweater on worsted weight yarn, and while the Fair-Isle may be daunting, it is a simple 2 color pattern that I think you can do, too.

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