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By Hand: Making Communities - Lookbook No. 11: Vermont & New Hampshire

Blueberry Hill

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This issue travels throughout Vermont and New Hampshire's stunning countryside and into the White Mountains. Visit the shores of Lake Champlain and Lake Winnipesaukee, the granite mountains of New Hampshire to Mt. Washington, and the small farms and towns tucked into wooded vales. Explore the village of Harrisville, a National Historic Landmark known as a rare textile community in the country. The Harrisville mill is deep-rooted in tradition and paired with 21st century sustainability and economics.

Learn more about these makers in this issue, their use of materials and process, and the influences of values, hard work, handcraft, and artistry:
  • Alice Ogden Black Ash Baskets
  • Dianne Shullenberger
  • Doc Mason Wool
  • Green Mountain Spinnery
  • Harrisville Designs
  • Marshfield School of Weaving
  • Odacier Knitting & Sewing Patterns
  • The Woolly Thistle
  • Wing and A Prayer Farm

The New England makers have a great love and deference for their land, their communities, and the region’s history and traditions. These artists pair local resources with traditional forms of creating: milling yarn, weaving cloth, sewing garments, making baskets for daily use. 

Lookbook No. 11 also includes the following projects and patterns.  Click any link to go directly to the kit!  After all, every knitting book should come with yarn.  (Coming Soon!)

  • Quilting - Falling Leaves by Andrea Hungerford
  • Sewing - Sarah Ann Tunic by Ellen Mason
  • Sewing & Knitting - Harrisville Barn Jacket by Andrea Hungerford 
  • Knitting - Beyond the Maples by Makenzie Alvarez
  • Knitting - Good Afternoon Mittens by Angela Tong
  • Knitting - Spruce Peak Pullover by Amy Christoffers
  • Knitting - Winter Light by Nataliya Volyanyuk 
  • Recipe - Apple Pie by Tammy White

By Hand is a serial produced by Andrea Hungerford three times per year that explores locations around the country that have developed their own unique "maker communities" where people who love to make, love to learn to make, and love to support makers have found a common sense of purpose.

Each of these geographic "clusters" has its own unique characteristics, and those characteristics influence the artists who live and work there. Each issue of By Hand is a place-based celebration of these communities of makers, focused primarily on the fiber and fabric industry, as well as highlighting artists in other media who share the same philosophy as fiber and fabric artists of functional beauty. Additionally each issue includes patterns, projects, photo essays, day trips, foodie excursions, and other write-ups of aspects unique to the featured city or region.

Paperback, 104 pages

Published in 2020
Published by Blueberry Hill

Photography by Jenn Bakos & Andrea Hungerford

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