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Edward's Menagerie: Birds by Kerry Lord

David & Charles Press

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Toft is pleased to present Edward’s Menagerie: Birds. Kerry Lord, owner of Toft Alpaca Shop in England, has designed over forty soft toy patterns for crochet birds. Edward’s Menagerie even includes technical instructions, photo tutorials, and three skill levels of birdsto choose from, making it suitable for beginners and experienced crocheters.

Each bird has a universal pattern - where you can change your hook and yarn to create different sizes for different yarn weights.  The birds require no special equipment, but you may add craft wire to the legs to make the birds stand.  Some patterns are more advanced than the patterns found in Edward's Menagerie.  For the bird lover, this book will keep you stitching until you have made the entire collection!

Gift Sets-Please click on any link below to see a gift set which includes Edward's Menagerie: Birds and enough yarn and stuffing (Polyfill) to complete the project.  After all, every pattern book should come with yarn!  COMING SOON!

LEVEL ONE - EASY - Simple color changes and basic stitches
  • Alan the Magpie
  • Celine the Dove
  • Dave the Seagull
  • Dora the Wood Pigeon
  • Duke the Mallard
  • Ernest the Canary
  • Ethel the Kiwi
  • Henry the Raven
  • Huck the Pelican
  • Ina the Stork
  • Sophia the Flamingo
  • Vince the Blue-Footed Booby

LEVEL TWO - INTERMEDIATE - All of the skills for level one plus the fur & loop stitch (tutorials included)

  • Abraham the Bald Eagle
  • Barney the Owl
  • Elizabeth the Dodo
  • Emily the Vulture
  • Florian the Ostrich
  • Hazel the Hen
  • Kevin the Cassowary
  • Kit the Rooster
  • Margot the Swan
  • Mateo the Cock of the Rock
  • Ross the Turkey
  • Tricia the Silkie Chicken

LEVEL THREE - ADVANCED - All of the skills for Level one & two plus ability to complete complex contours and splitting techiniques (tutorials included)

  • Anik the Owl
  • Ben the Kingfisher 
  • Caesar the Emperor Penguin
  • Elvis the Cockatoo
  • Enid the Long-eared Owl
  • Gareth the Puffin
  • Gianni the Lovebird
  • Gilbert the Pheasant
  • Jack the Macaw
  • Jorge the Jay
  • Meghan the Toucan
  • Oscar the Penguin
  • Petra the Rockhopper Penguin
  • Robin the Robin
  • Rohit the Peacock
  • Scott the Woodpecker

Due to the cute and cuddly nature of all of these creations, we would like to share a wonderful group forum dedicated to these animals on Ravelry, Edward’s Menagerie @ Toft.

published in 2015
David & Charles
128 pages

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