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Interweave Crochet - Fall 2020

Interweave Press

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As the days grow shorter and apple cider reappears in the grocery store, curl up with your favorite hot drink and explore Interweave Crochet Fall 2020. The first story includes nine woodland-inspired projects, including sweet stuffed toys and seasonal home décor. Then, take a trip to a vineyard with seven garments and accessories inspired by lush California wineries. Also enjoy designers Brenda K. B. Anderson, as she explains how to design and make clothes for stuffed toys, and Shelene Codner, with expertise as you make blankets for kids.

These inspiring projects are included.  Please click any link to go directly to the Magazine Kit which includes enough yarn to complete the project.  (Coming soon!)

  • Alsace Sweater by Isa Caterpillan
  • Amelia the Flying Squirrel by Brenda K. B. Anderson (Cover)
  • Autumn Medley Centerpiece by Jennifer Olivarez
  • Beechnut Cardigan by Moon Eldridge
  • Grahame the Badger by Brenda K. B. Anderson
  • Jerez Pullover by Natasha Robarge
  • Loire Pullover by Quayin Stark
  • Maipo Stole by Blazenka Simic-Boro
  • Minho Cowl by Srividya Ganapathy
  • My Deer Watson by Brenda K. B. Anderson (Cover)
  • Oaknut Blanket by Emily Lloyd
  • Sassafras Tote by NTmaglia
  • Sonoma Vest by Kathleen Berlew
  • Strobile Basket by Alla Koval
  • Sweetgum Sweater by Natasha Robarge
  • Yarra Valley Cowl by Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz

Images by Interweave Crochet

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