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knitscene Spring 2020

Interweave Press

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This spring, get back to basics with classic knits focusing on creative edgings and gorgeous garter stitch.  This staple stitch fosters comfort, peace, and mindfulness--helping you relax and recharge while knitting. But adding more advanced methods and focusing on construction help keep these projects engaging. Plus, adding another layer of fun, we combined edgings into the projects, which allowed the designers to utilize these approaches separately and in some clever ways together. These 16 projects will fit perfectly into your spring style.  Plus, knitting expert Karen Frisa walks you through sideways knits in part one of a two part series on side to side knitting. This issue focuses on sweater construction.

The following projects are included.  Please click on any link below to view pattern kits from the magazine. 

  • Alongside Slouch by Stefanie Bold
  • Arced Shawl by Kristen TenDyke
  • Arrows Shawl by Susanna IC
  • Crosswise Top by Estefania Espindola
  • Currents Shawl by Courtney Spainhower
  • Darts Pullover by Fiona Munro
  • Ellipsoidal Shawl by Moon Eldridge
  • Garter Grooves Cardigan & Swingy Top by Emily Ringelman
  • Gauzy Tee by Amy Gunderson
  • Herbage Tee by Moira Engel
  • Netted Tank Top by Caroline Dick
  • Peaks & Valleys Shawl by Lana Jois (Cover)
  • Sidelong Tee by illitilli
  • Trilateral Cowl by Megi Burci

Photos by Caleb Young, Knitscene

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