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Knitter's Pride - Karbonz 6" Double Points

Knitter's Pride


The Karbonz needles by Knitter's Pride is a revolutionary product made from carbon fiber and tipped in electroplated brass.  This combination provides and unparalleled knitting experience, allowing the yarn to slide easily onto the needle on the metal tips but then held with just a touch of grip by the carbon fiber.  The needles are warm to the touch and gentle in the hand, making these Double Points a favorite among sock knitters who are prone to snap wooden needles.  The lightweight carbon fiber is known for its tensile strength, allowing the needles to flex instead of break.  The addition of sharp brass tips that come to perfect points are flawlessly tapered and ideal for all types of yarns and projects.    

The size range from US 00000 (1.0mm) to US 10 (6.0mm) are ideal for lace knitting, sock knitting, sweater sleeves and blankets.  PRE-ORDERS are available today.  Please allow at least 7 business days for your shipment to arrive.

Knitter's Pride is an American based company and is known for its industrial capabilities.  They have substantial background in the technology that goes into producing fine needles, hooks and accessories for the hand knitting and crochet market.  Their line of products, branded as KnitPro, are sold outside North America in over 45 countries worldwide and has been recognized as the fastest growing brand in Europe in the field of knitting accessories.  Knitter's Pride has an international advisory panel of knitters and crocheters that have facilitated the development of a range of needle styles and types that will meet and exceed the needs of all users, whatever their level of experience.  If you have any trouble with any Knitter's Pride products such as manufacturing defects, please do not hesitate to contact us for help/replacements.

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