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Knitting Wizardry by Amy Clarke Moore

Interweave Press

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Enter a magical world of knitting with these 27 spellbinding projects!  This enchanting collection that will take you deep into the realm of wizards, witches, and magical creatures. Enter a world filled with beguiling but classic garments in this collection of 27 knitting patterns for both men and women.  Patterns range from easy to advanced.

    Revel in a broad variety of magical subject matter while employing a wide variety of knitting techniques: Cables for projects fit for giants and sorcerers; lace for glamorous shawls and gauntlets perfect to wear at the ball; cozy colorwork socks, caps, and mitts that will keep you warm while tending the herbal garden or wandering in the wild woods.

    Explore your hidden dark side with projects that are slightly more sinister (though beautiful) such as shadowy cloaks and glistening shrugs. And finally, you’ll flaunt your own knitting magic in a variety of stunning cardigans, vests, and sweaters for men and women.

    Patterns included in this book include:

    • A Cap Full of Caps by Kendra Nitta
    • Aviary Vest by Kyle Kunnecke
    • Blue Moon Shawl by Hannah Poon
    • Chameleon Sweater by Laura Lynch
    • Chilly Castle Socks & Inky Pullover by Josie Mercier
    • Cotillion Arm Warmers by Corrina Ferguson
    • Drop-Your-Guard Vest by Emma Welford
    • Enchanted Forest Scarf by T. L. Alexandria Volk
    • Gardener's Socks, Inverse Socks & Petal Socks by Rachel Coopey
    • Griffin Socks & Spell Casting Mittsby Anne Podlesak
    • Ghostly Cloak by Bethany Hick
    • Lacy Cloak & Sorcery Sweater by Catherine Salter Bayer
    • Lady of the House Wrapper by Vicki Square
    • Mermaid's Song by Susanna IC
    • Midnight Mitts by Elizabeth Cherry
    • Owl Cardigan by Mari Chiba
    • Rendez-vous Mitts by Sherri Sulkowski
    • Rich Earth Mitts by Jennifer Dassau
    • Shimmering Cloak by Joanna Johnson
    • Thinking Cap by Moira Engel
    • Tracery Vest by Kathleen Sperling

    Paperback, 150 pages
    Published in 2014
    Published by Interweave Press

    Photography by Harper Point/Interweave

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