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Rowan Magazine 66 - Bookbound Autumn 2019


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Enjoy 25 designs by 10 wonderful designers in Rowan Magazine 66: Bookbound.  Rowan Magazine has a the new look!  Bookbound is a collection of classic yet modern, timeless knitwear for men and women, photographed in the historic university town of Cambridge and using Rowan’s best loved yarns.

The following patterns are included in the book.  Please select any link to go directly to the Gift Set which includes the book, yarn & accessories needed to complete the project.  After all, every knitting book should come with yarn! (Coming soon)

Bookbound - Patterns in  Alpaca Soft DK 

  • Achebe by Martin Storey
  • Adichie by Emma Wright
  • Foucault by Lisa Richardson 
  • Laing by Grace Jones 
  • Morrison by Georgia Farrell
  • Wollstonecraft by Lisa Richardson

Bookbound - Patterns in Felted Tweed DK

  • Alderman by Georgia Farrell 
  • Bennett by Lisa Richardson 
  • Brittain by Lisa Richardson
  • Eliot by Lisa Richardson
  • Eliot Scarf by Lisa Richardson
  • Fielding by Galina Carroll
  • Heaney by Arne & Carlos
  • Holtby by Annika Andres Wolke
  • Larkin by Lisa Richardson
  • Pullman by Brandon Mably
  • Rattigan by Georgia Farrell
  • Shelley by Martin Storey 
  • Tolkien by Martin Storey
  • Wilde by Kaffe Fassett 

Bookbound - Patterns in Felted Tweed DK & Kidsilk Haze; use these yarns simultaneously throughout

  • Golding by Martin Storey
  • Haddon by Lisa Richardson 
  • Hughes by Martin Storey 
  • Huxley by Lisa Richardson
  • Millett by Martin Storey 

    Oversized Paperback, 123 pages
    Published in 2019
    Published by MEZ Crafts UK Ltd

    Photography by Craig Fordham

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