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Making No. 6 / Black & White by Madder


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Making No. 6 pays homage to the colors of black and white with many whimsical projects as well as refined and elegant women's wear and accessories.  Enjoy rugs and cushions, felted raccoons, reversible knitted sheep as well as sweaters, hats & gloves, cardigans and shawls.  Sewing enthusiasts will enjoy making garments such as tops, aprons, totes and pouches while cooking aficionados will love the Elderberry Syrup and scones from Shetland.

No. 6 / B & W includes knit designs by Carrie Bostick Hoge, Ashley Yousling, Susan B. Anderson, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Gudrun Johnston, Ella Gordon, Junko Okamoto,Amy Christoffers, Veera Välimäki, Whitney Hayward, Ellen Johnson, Justyna Lorkowska, and Jenn Steingass


Making is a bi-annual themed publication of projects for knitters and makers.

Join editor, photographer, and designer, Carrie Bostick Hoge of Madder, and new partner Ashley Yousling (of the Woolful podcast, now the Making podcast) on this exciting project that brings crafts people with different areas of focus to one publication.  Other contributions from Lisa Congdon, Anna Graham, Sanae Ishida, Casey Ryder, Karen Gelardi, Karen Stevens, Cal Patch, Samantha Lamb, Sonya Philip and more...

The act of making helps to connect us to the past, knowing that many craft skills were practiced daily out of necessity. We also connect to our present, as we stop to slow down and enjoy the work at hand, leaving behind the stress of our busy days. And, possibly at the heart of our creations, is the future. As the sweater we knit or the blanket we quilt becomes an heirloom for our family to use, enjoy, and pass down to the next generation. Circling back and tying us to the past. All these connections are equally important and help to bring meaning and value to the beauty and utility we make.

The following projects are included in this issue.  Please click any link below to go directly to the kit which includes this issue, yarn, accessories to complete the project! (More Kits Coming Soon!)


  • Sit-Upon Chair Pad by Cal Patch


  • Arctic Owl Hat & Mitts by Amy Christoffers
  • Black Sheep, White Sheep (Reversible Sheep) by Susan B. Anderson
  • Calla Lily by Justyna Lorkowska
  • Forever Mittens by Carrie Bostick Hoge
  • Knotted Swedish Oval Rug by Karen Gelardi
  • Krunet Cap by Mary Jane Mucklestone
  • Marled Pullover by Ashley Yousling
  • Michel by Junko Okamoto
  • Moorie Cardigan by Ella Gordon
  • Mosaic Shawl by Gudrun Johnston
  • Quill by Veera Valimaki
  • Treelight by Jennifer Steinglass
  • Ushida Cardigan by Whitney Hayward


  • Needle Felted Animal Masks by Sanae Ishida
  • Punched Cushion by Rose Pearlman
  • Some Raccoons by Kim Hamlin


  • The Wax & Wane Scarf by Casey Ryder


  • Array Shirt by Sonya Philip
  • Branta Apron by Sam Lamb
  • Japanese style Linen Tote & Modern Boro Zipper Pouch by Karen Stevens
  • Making Bag by Anna Graham
  • Sketch Quilt by Kristing Vejar


  • Angry Flowers Print by Karen Gelardi
  • Fray Print by Rachel Gloria Adams


  • Elderberry Syrup by Annie Rowden
  • Scones by Donna Smith


published in 2018
Making is published by Madder in Maine
161 pages
Images courtesy of Madder, Carrie Bostick Hoge, Ashley Yousling, Donna Smith, Jessica Brown & Annie Rowden.

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