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Malabrigo - Mechita MINIS 25g


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Musas MTA889
Violin MTA726
Granada MTA668
English Rose MTA057
Natural MTA063
Pearl MTA036
Unicorn MTA891
Eggplant MTA811
Cielo Y Tierra MTA894
Impressionist Sky MTA806
Storm MTA667
Sheri MTA883
Paris Night MTA052
Poipu MTA682
Lynx MTA681
Moon Trio Full MTA697
Atomic MTA670
Renaissance MTA691
Art Nouveau MTA690
Selva MTA712
Aureo MTA680

Mechita is the fingering-weight version of Malabrigo's beautifully-dyed single-ply superwash yarn. It is soft & bouncy and great for lighter projects!  Great for: Shawls, scarves, garments, accessories, baby and kids items, lace, cables, textured stitches.  Please select MINI Skeins here.  To see full skeins, please click here.

 Fingering Weight

FIBER CONTENT: 100% Superwash Merino Wool
WEIGHT: 25g / Approximately 105yds / 96m
NEEDLE SIZE: US 1-2 / 2.25-2.75mm
GAUGE: 6.5-7.5 sts per inch / 2.5cm
CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Machine Washable, Gentle Cycle in cold water.  Do not tumble dry.  Lay flat to dry.

Be sure to get enough yarn to complete your project since each bag is a different dye lot, and skeins may vary from bag to bag.  To ensure random color distribution, work from two balls of yarn at once, alternating a few rows from each ball.


Art Nouveau - all the colors that the Art Nouveau movement is famous for: speckled earth tones of yellow, orange, hunter green, deep red, blue, natural

Aureo - deep yellow with black speckles

Atomic - natural ecru heavily speckled with hot pink, blue, yellow, green & purple

Cielo Y Tierra - variegated ocean/sand colors - muted blues fading to browns/sands

Eggplant - deep charcoal with a very slight hint of dark purple

English Rose - Variegated creamy peaches, hot pinks & baby pinks

Granada - NEW for 2019! variegated fuschia, rose & blood red overdyed with speckles of navy & black

Impressionist Sky - variegated rich sky blues

Lynx - oranged speckled with dark purple

Moon Trio Full - NEW FOR 2019! ecru base with candy speckles in every color from red, blue, pink, yellow, purple, green

Musas - variegated marroon, purple, lavenders, teals, blues, navy, deep pinks

Natural - natural ecru

Paris Night - dark navy with lighter sections of navy and royale blue peeking through

Pearl - light grey/silver

Poipu - turquoise speckled with navy

Renaissance - speckles of orange, yellow, pink, red, blue, purple with a heavy speckling of black over the top

Selva - lime green base heavily speckled with shades of green & orange

Sheri - variegated royal blue that fades to navy, teal, dark purple & a touch of lavender

Storm - ecru yarn covered in speckles of navy & blue with hints of orange, yellow purple, burgundy

Unicorn - variegated silver, pewter & gray

Violin - ecru base heavily speckled with purples, blues & pinks

Images by Yarn Loop

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