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Ball Winding

Yarn Loop

Save yourself 20 minutes and allow us to wind your skein into a center-pull ball on the Lacis Ball Winder II.  We highly recommend professionally balled yarn so that the tension and twist is preserved.  The original tag will be carefully attached to each ball for your future reference.  At $1.95 per skein, how can you resist?  

When purchasing ball winding for a kit, please count how many skeins are in the kit and order ball winding for each skein to get your order shipped asap.

Yarn Loop Tip: Many makers accidentally ball the yarn too tight and stretch the fibers accidentally.  If your handmade ball doesn't squish, it's wound too tight!  

Remember that Yarn Loop does have a buy-back program for unused skeins.  If you have never made a large project like a blanket or sweater, we suggest that you leave 1 or 2 skeins in original packaging.  If you have full skeins left over, you may return them for store credit towards your next project!  Please see our policies for timelines and shipping procedures.

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