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About Us

Yarn Loop Kits

Yarn Loop provides knitting and crocheting project kits as well as products designed for your specialty and skill level.  We offer pattern kits for garments, home goods, and other smaller projects like accessories & toys. Men, Women, Children, Infants and even the house pet have not been overlooked!  

We carefully review and compile the best patterns available to create the Yarn Loop Kit.  The Yarn Loop kit was designed to simplify your shopping experience by combining the pattern with the selected yarn, and certain needed accessories.   We strive to make the shopping experience as streamlined as possible by keeping kits in stock for the patterns we offer.  

Please rest assured that the yarns recommended are excellent choices.  We take special care to notate any differences in fiber or thickness and the corresponding implications for the modifications.   We carefully select colors that are complimentary and "go together".  We also notate climate substitutes so that a Floridian is not roasting in llama or a New Yorker freezing in linen.

While many patterns specify exact yarns, it is common for the designer recommended yarn to be discontinued.  At Yarn Loop, we believe that a great pattern should not die with the yarn.  We strive to keep the most popular and well-loved patterns available in kits.


The Images

We take great pride in the virtual store, and we think it shows, especially in our photographs!  We have spent many, many hours photographing all of our yarn under strict lighting controls to capture each dye lot in its true colors.  When we get a new dye lot, we photograph it, too!  

We also take photographs of color sets so that you can see how the colors play off of each other.  Color theory is something that we take very seriously because we do not want to sell you something that looks awful in the finished garment.  Nobody wants to spend hours and hours making something that is hideous.

When making color selections, please turn off any blue light filters or amber filters as these greatly effect the color on your monitor, tablet or screen.


Personal Service

The Yarn Loop provides the following support services for our customers.

  • Yarn Winding.  Don't spend hours winding yarn too tight and risk stretching it out or breaking it.  Let Yarn Loop do it for you for a minimal fee by clicking the link above.
  • Pattern Support.  If you are stuck and need expert advice, we can find you exactly what you need and send you video links to techniques as well as step-by-step instructions.
  • Buy Backs.  Yarn Loop will credit your account for extra skeins from kits.  Please click the link above for more information.  
  • Pre-Orders. We provide customers the opportunity to pre-order new yarns and patterns so that they are received immediately after the release date.  Similarly, if we have a very hot item that sells out quickly, we offer Pre-Orders so that you are guaranteed the kit or notion once it is in the store.  Please know that a great percentage of our business is from Pre-Orders.  We will keep you updated so that you know how long it will take to get your project and if there are any delays from the manufacturer. 
  • Requests.  Looking for a pattern that it isn't on Yarn Loop?  Let us know!  We will add it as soon as possible!  Our kits have options to keep you within your budget, avoid allergies, or simply to take it to the next level with luxury fibers!  We thrive on your input, and your requests are always important.

We really love helping people!  If you aren't sure what pattern or yarn to choose, please feel free to shoot over an email so that we can walk you through your purchase.  We schedule appointments in store or over the phone to help you find your dream project.

The Location-  

One of our little shop is located on the southern edge of McCamey, Texas, and has a rather unique and special history.  The building that we occupy was originally built as a Christian church in the 1990's.  A large cross is embedded in the brickwork on the face of the building, making us really easy to find!  This is probably the only little shop in Texas that has "blessed" yarn.  



We also have a resident Roadrunner who taps on our front door around noon most days.  While he is just playing with his reflection, we like to think that he really wants to come into the shop.

At this time, we are open by appointment only.  This location is our primary location so please contact us to schedule a viewing.

 Yarn Loop is making a huge transition into the Greater Austin Area of Texas.  We plan to have our main shop open in late 2019 in the north Lakeway, Texas area.  We are in a temporary location at the moment, but we are always available for viewings and group meetings.  Please see our Contact Us Page for more information.


A short introduction from Rachel, owner of Yarn Loop

I am a native Texan with a lifelong interest in using my hands and mind to design and create beautiful things.  My mother has a PhD in Family & Consumer Science (also known as Home Economics) and her influence started my interest in sewing and knitting as early as the age of 6. As a child, I would design & sew Barbie doll dresses, make cross stitch patterns, and complete finger knitted bracelets.  

My grandmother and my mother-in-law taught me the art of crochet more than 20 years ago.  I greatly enjoy making crocheted plush animals for children.  My son always requests one "snuggly" for his personal collection, so I always make at least two of every animal.  I also like to crochet baby blankets, hats and cowls from some of the most beautiful patterns available.

My mother taught me to knit in 2014, and I quickly progressed to advanced knitting within 10 months, completing slipped stitch and fair-isle sweaters with ease.  My background in sewing and design helps me modify patterns for the perfect fit of any garment.  I find the technical aspect of knitting and crocheting extremely rewarding and love the soothing repetitiveness of these crafts. 

Last but not least, I found a wonderful knitting group to help guide my hands and focus into fiber.  The women of my group are very responsive and encouraging and have helped me learn so much about the craft and the beautiful yarns available.  It is wonderful to meet up with a group that can help decipher a pattern or help you learn a stitch, and I highly recommend that you try to find one in your area if possible.

All images copyrighted by Yarn Loop.  Image of Rachel wearing the Yuki Jacket from Knit.Wear Magazine which is made on Rios by Malabrigo.