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Book 20: Mechita & Sock Modern Accessory Style by Malabrigo


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In Book 20: Mechita & Sock MODERN ACCESSORY STYLE, Malabrigo presents two of their finest yarns, Mechita & Sock, both fingering weight and interchangeable for any of the patterns within. 

Malabrigo mixes classic pieces with vibrant styles and colors to curate a collection of patterns that will let you create remarkable knits again and again no matter your skill level.  Explore gentle fairytale colors or vibrant explosions of color in Malabrigo's wide range of kettle dyed yarns including tonal solids, variegated, and speckled colorways.  With more than 100 semi-solids and multi-colors in each yarn, the possiblilities for personalizing your project are endless!

These luxurious yarns are made from 100% Uruguayan superwash merino wool for easy care.  The wool comes from sheep raised in Uruguay, a beautiful country with a long history of hand crafting.  

Please click on any link below to view a gift kit which includes this e-book with enough yarn to complete the selected pattern!  After all, pattern books should come with yarn.

  • Alisa Cowl by Malabrigo
  • Amari Hat by Malabrigo
  • Ariel Scarf by Sandi Prosser
  • Briar Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska
  • Emerson Cowl by Malabrigo 
  • Jewel Shawl by Lena Fedotova - crochet
  • Nova Cowl by Malabrigo
  • Rumi Scarf by Malabrigo
  • Sawyer Hat by Malabrigo 
  • Tea Party Cowl by Heather Anderson
  • Under the Sea Cowl by Susan Ashcroft (Cover)
  • Under the Sea Hat by Susan Ashcroft
  • Valentine Gloves by Sandi Prosser
  • Valentine Hat by Sandi Prosser 
  • Vibe Shawl by Lena Fedotova - crochet
  • Wave Cowl by Sandi Prosser 
Published 2022 by the Malabrigo Team
74 pages
Images by Quail Studio

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