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ColourLab DK: Life in Colour by Chloé Elizabeth Birch

West Yorkshire Spinners

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This modern collection of designs from West Yorkshire Spinners includes pieces by Chloé Elizabeth Birch in fun pops of color with delightful results.

The collection is designed so that color and texture create fun garments "using simple, effective patterns and experimenting with the endless possibilities of knit and purl stitches.  My designs are offered in women's and men's styles to show off the versatility of simple designs and shapes.  The projects...are suitable for a range of skill levels."

Each pattern is created on ColourLab DK by West Yorkshire Spinners

The following patterns are included in the book.   

Women's Garments: 

  • Abi - Ribbed Raglan Cardigan
  • Emmy - Hat & Scarf Accessory Set with pompoms
  • Flo - Sand Stitch Jumper - available in cropped or long version with pockets
  • Kim - Color Merge Jumper (Cover)
  • Mae - Pop Stripe Jumper
  • Sami - Ladder Stripe Jumper - available in cropped or hip length version

Men's Garments:

  • Matt - Pop Stripe Jumper
  • Sal - Ribbed Raglan Jumper
  • Seb - Men's Ladder Stripe Jumper
  • Will - Men's Sand Stitch Cardigan with pockets

Paperback, 73 pages
Published in 2021
Published by West Yorkshire Spinners

Photography by West Yorkshire Spinners 

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