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Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More Prehistoric Amigurumi - Meteoor Books

Meteoor Books

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 Let's turn back time for a walk with daring dinosaurs, marvelous mammoths, crafty cave people and many more; welcome to the Prehistoric Times!

An annual design contest sparked a search for the cutest crochet characters from the past.  Previously hidden in craft caves around the world, the 14 amigurumi in this book have arrived with a big bang and they will bring a whole new world to life.  Beginners as well as advanced crocheters can easily unearth these 14 awesome amigurumi.  All patterns are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions, as well as written and video explanations of all stitches used.  They're also easily customized, so it's a small step to imagine your very own Prehistoric world.

Animals range in size from 7.5" tall to 17" tall using fingering to worsted weight yarns.

The following patterns are included in the book.   Please click on any link to view a gift kit which includes this book with enough yarn to complete that pattern! (Coming Soon!)  After all, pattern books should come with yarn!  

  • Albert the Longisquama by Ahooka
  • Brad the Brachiosaurus by Maja Hansen
  • Dave the Caveboy by Lia Arjono (cover)
  • Do-Do-Dominique by Mariela Dal Maso
  • Gabby the Cavegirl by Lia Arjono
  • Iggy the Baby Iguanodon by Hello Yellow Yarn
  • Martin the Plesiosaurus by Susana Villalobos
  • Max the Mammoth by Lia Arjono
  • Paula the Parasaurolophus by Maja Hansen
  • Peaches the Tricerotops by Irene Strange
  • Petra the Pterodactyl by Carolyne Brodie
  • Oscar the Saber-Toothed Tiger by DIY Fluffies
  • Toby the Stegosaurus by DIY Fluffies
  • Theo the T-Rex by Sarah Abbondio (cover)

Paperback, 119 pages
Published in 2019
Published by Meteoor Books

Photography by Sophie Peirsman

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