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Dress-Up Amigurumi by Soledad Iglesias Silva (Madelenon)

Meteoor Books

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Dress these 4 amigurumi to impress! Hugo the Bear, Becca the Deer, Duncan the Dog and Ray the Elephant have opened their wardrobes and it’s up to you to make, mix and match.  Designer Madelenon has created 4 huggable amigurumi friends who can change into 25 adorable outfits. You can make the most stunning outfit combinations, as everything fits on every animal character in the book.

Turn Hugo into a Cupid with heart-shaped arrows and show Ray as a gallant knight. Becca would like to become a firewoman, and Duncan loves having his duck floatie with him when going for a swim. Or simply dress up your favorite character for a rainy day, a fun Christmas party or a day at the beach, there’s an outfit for every season and every occasion! 

Includes step-by-step pictures and video tutorials, beginners as well as advanced crocheters can fit out these charming dress-up designs in no time.

The following patterns are included in the book.   Please click on any link to view a gift kit which includes this book with enough yarn to complete that pattern! (Coming Soon!)  

  • Becca the Deer
  • Duncan the Dog
  • Hugo the Bear
  • Ray the Elephant
  • Angel Outfit
  • Autumn Outfit
  • Baby Outfit
  • Beach Outfit
  • Cheerleader Outfit
  • Christmas Outfit
  • Cowboy Outfit
  • Cupid Outfit
  • Doctor Outfit
  • Fairy Outfit
  • Firefighter Outfit
  • Fisherman Outfit
  • Fitness Outfit
  • Graduation Outfit
  • Halloween Costume
  • Knight Costume
  • Pajamas
  • Polar Storm Outfit
  • Rainy Day Outfit
  • Sailor Outfit
  • Scarecrow Outfit
  • Summer Outfit
  • Veterinarian Outfit
  • Walking Outfit
  • Winter Outfit

Paperback, 144 pages
Published in 2021
Published by Meteoor Books

Photography by Madelenon

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