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Knitted Animal Nursery by Fiona Goble

CICO Books

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With over 30 animals represented, Knitted Animal Nursery is stuffed full of knits for babies, toddlers, and the home. Nursery items include a hanging birds mobile, a whale pillow, and polar bear rug, but you can also make smaller items like the  monkey rattle and penguin or a friendly anteater toy.

Knit a puppy swaddling blanket, a bluebird bib, or “sleeping sheep” mitts for your newborn. Create the tiger trousers and hat, the koala booties, or a bright-green frog hat and matching onesie for infant sizes. Deck out your love with the bumblebee hat and shorts or the rabbit booties while they are learning to toddle. Toddlers will enjoy a rabbit sweater or a zebra cardigan, while older toddlers will love the chick socks and the chunky bear snood.

All the animals have terrific personality and charm, and will be loved by children and their parents alike. With simple stitches, full instructions for making up and clear photographs to illustrate the details that give each animal its character, you will be able to knit something wonderful for the nursery in no time. Stitch tutorial also included!

The following patterns are included in the book.  Check back soon for kits with the book, too!

  • Aardvark Toy
  • Big Bear Hat
  • Bluebird Bib
  • Bumblebee Outfit (hat & leggings)
  • Cat Hairband
  • Chick Socks
  • Chunky Bunny Hat
  • Cow Print Bib
  • Fish Cocoon & Hat
  • Fluffy Bunny Pillow
  • Fox Cub Hat
  • Fox Sweater
  • Frog Onesie & Hat (cover)
  • Hanging Birds Mobile
  • Hedgehog Booties
  • Kitten Bag
  • Koala Booties
  • Ladybug Backpack
  • Lamb Snuggle Blanket
  • Lion Pillow
  • Little Lamb Mittens
  • Monkey Rattle
  • Mouse Mittens
  • Owl Storage Baskets
  • Panda Shorts & Hat
  • Penguin Toy
  • Piglet Hat
  • Polar Bear Rug
  • Puppy Snuggle Blanket (cover)
  • Rabbit Booties
  • Rabbit Sweater
  • Tiger Outfit (Hat & Leggings--cpver)
  • Turtle Rug
  • Whale Pillow
  • Zebra Striped Cardigan

Paperback, 128 pages
Published in 2017
Published by CICO Books

Photography by Terry Benson

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