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Making No. 12: Dusk by Madder


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Making is a bi-annual themed publication of projects for knitters and makers.  This issue of No. 12 / Dusk includes 11 knitting projects, 1 rug hook project, 5 sewing/embroidery/quilting projects, and dyeing & felting, too.  Projects range from household accessories, garments, rugs, and children's toys.  Knit and sewn garment patterns are sized up to fit a 60" bust measurement.  Each issue is print and includes a link to download a digital version, too. 

DUSK is inspired by more time spent at home, inviting rest and relaxation to be a priority in our daily lives. This collection aims to savor the dusk—its colors and mood—and everything it offers to teach us about transforming our place in this world.

No. 12 / DUSK includes projects and artwork by Alexis Bailey, Kristine Vejar, Kimberly Hamlin, Katia Ferris, Leila Raven, Tiffany Chen, Norah Gaughan, Susan B Anderson, Julie Robinson, Paula Pereira, Elena Solier Jansà and Kathy Hattori.


Join editor, photographer, and designer, Carrie Bostick Hoge of Madderon this exciting project that brings crafts people with different areas of focus to one publication.

The act of making helps to connect us to the past, knowing that many craft skills were practiced daily out of necessity. We also connect to our present, as we stop to slow down and enjoy the work at hand, leaving behind the stress of our busy days. And, possibly at the heart of our creations, is the future. As the sweater we knit or the blanket we quilt becomes an heirloom for our family to use, enjoy, and pass down to the next generation. Circling back and tying us to the past. All these connections are equally important and help to bring meaning and value to the beauty and utility we make.

The following projects are included in this issue:

Knitting Projects

  • Amethyst Crystal Blanket by Ksenia Naidyon
  • Chain Pullover by Norah Gaughan
  • Dealla Cardigan by Paula Pereira
  • Double Brioche House Socks by Tiffany Chen
  • Jasper Cardigan by Leila Raven
  • Lilit Pillow by Elena Solier Jansà
  • Menahan Tank & Shorts by Julie Robinson
  • Nightfall Doll by Susan B. Anderson
  • Rivi Hat by Camille Romano
  • Stanza Wrap by Eline Alcocer
  • Stoneridge Wrap by Saysha Greene

Rug Hook 

  • Tide Pool at Dusk Rug by Elizabeth Miller


  • Nightfall Shawl by Tatiana Sarasa


  • Needle Felted Checkers by Kimberly Hamlin


  • Blackberry Sleep Mask by Louisa Burtonshaw of Stitch Happy
  • Checkerboard Quilt by Kristine Vejar
  • Fawn Doll by Katia Ferris
  • Last Light Pillow by Bess Casey Wilke
  • Umbra Lounge Set by Alexis Bailey


  • Sea Salt Scrub by Katie Dionne
published in 2021
Making is published by Madder in Maine
160 pages
Images courtesy of Madder/Carrie Bostick Hoge & Andrea Yousling

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