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Amigurumi Animals at Work by Meteoor Books

Meteoor Books

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In the animal world of amigurumi, there are many jobs that need to be done, and each animal puts his or her own unique talents to work!  

Joke, the famed amigurumi creator, organized a competition for designers where they were challenged to create an animal in their work outfit.  This book contains fourteen designs chosen from the original competition.

Surprise your family and friends with handmade gifts, or simply make them for yourself. Projects cover a variety of skill levels, from beginner-friendly to suitable for advanced crocheters, and are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. The clear illustrations and handy video tutorials will help you master all stitches and techniques used.

Patterns specify many different yarn weights (fingering thru worsted) for animals ranging in height from 4.5-13 inches tall.  Using smaller yarns & hooks than those specified will create smaller amigurumi toys and visa versa.

Joke collects the most beautiful patterns from all over the world on her website with more than 100,000 fans, the site is a community where crocheters and designers meet to exchange tips and patterns.

The following patterns are included in the book.  

  • Artemis the Sloth
  • Bob the Beaver
  • Cyril the Squirrel
  • Flynn the Fox
  • Foxy O'Neal the Fox
  • Happy the Monkey
  • Henry the Hippo
  • Mama Hen
  • Miss Kitty Catty the Cat
  • Monsieur the Lobster
  • Mr. Dudley the Mole
  • Parker the Pig
  • Pippo the Rhino
  • Skippy the Kangaroo

Paperback, 117 pages
Published in 2014, 5th print run 2021
Published by Meteoor Books

Photography by Meteoor BC, Janine Holmes & IlDikko

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