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Animal Friends of Pica Pau 2 by Yan Schenkel

Meteoor Books

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Welcome in the wildly imaginative world of Pica Pau! Get together with the creative zebra, the thoughtful lion, the witty anteater, the flamboyant elephant and many more: there’s room for everyone at Yan’s craft table!

Toy maker, character designer and crochet knitter Yan Schenkel has collected the most original amigurumi around her. In this book, she shows her passion for amigurumi crochet in 20 new designs, and she also shares her special tips and tricks for every single project with you.

All patterns contain detailed instructions and are accompanied by step-by-step pictures and explanations of all techniques used, so both beginners and advanced crocheters can easily get acquainted with her animal band.  Yan suggests starting at the beginning of the book and working to the next animal so that you learn the new techniques that are added to each amigurumi in a systematic but fun way.  Set out on a breathtaking crochet journey with Pica Pau and friends.   Immerse yourself in the wonderful world & marvelous magic of Pica Pau and friends...again!

All patterns specify DK or light worsted weight yarn for animals ranging in height from 8.5-14.5 inches tall.  Using smaller yarns & hooks will create smaller amigurumi toys and visa versa.

About the Author:

Yan Schenkel is an Argentinean professional crochet toy designer and the founder of Pica Pau. Besides working on her toys and designs, she has collaborated with several illustrators, authors and brands. She has worked on a broad range of projects, from illustrating children’s books over producing and designing children events at MALBA to designing for a crochet stop motion ad. She is a regular contributor to several crochet and craft publications such as Mollie Makes, The Sewing Box, Simply Crochet and is the author of the amigurumi books “El Mundo de Pica Pau” and “Animal Friends of Pica Pau”.

The following patterns are included in the book.   Please click on any link to view a gift kit which includes this book with enough yarn to complete that pattern! (Coming Soon!)  After all, pattern books should come with yarn!  Can't wait that long?  Check out these varns: Verano or Prairie Spun DK

  • Ada Lamb
  • Agatha Bee
  • Anderson Seal
  • Darwin Turtle
  • Elena Deer
  • Henriette Zebra
  • Javier Goat
  • Logan Koala
  • Luisa Elephant
  • James Duck
  • Lupita Spider Monkey
  • Mario Raccoon
  • Monty Tamandua
  • Newton Owl
  • Nira Tigress
  • Otis Sloth
  • Phillip Lobster
  • Satsuki Cat
  • Sebastian Lion
  • Thomas Aguara Guazu

Paperback, 176 pages
Published in 2020
Published by Yan Schenkel & Meteoor Books

Photography by Yan Schenkel & Matias Gorostegui

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