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ChiaoGoo - Knit RED Stainless Steel 9" Circular Needles



ChiaoGoo has created these short circular needles for sock knitters who prefer not to use double pointed needles.  The 9″ RED line of surgical-grade, stainless steel circulars have a smooth, satin-sheen finish and memory-free, multi-strand, steel cable coated with red nylon allowing yarn to slide easily. Needle size is permanently laser imprinted on each circular. Precisely machined tips and joins are just spectacular!  Stainless Steel needles are preferred by people who have nickel allergies but love metal tips.

ChiaoGoo was born in China where manufacturing began in the 1980's using bamboo knitting needles as the main source of income for the Zheng family.  The maternal figure was in constant need of better needles and is the driving force behind ChiaoGoo, which means "highly Skillful and crafty lady".  Leon Zheng, one of four brothers, started the distribution center in Troy, MI so that these wonderful goods could also be designed and marketed in America.  His distribution center is responsible for all needle designs since 2005 as well as equipment and manufacturing upgrades.  While the needles are still made in China, this company is of both China and the United States.

Every ChiaoGoo product purchased through this authorized ChiaoGoo dealer carries a product lifetime guarantee from manufacturing defect.

Images by ChiaoGoo

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