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Elemental Knits by Courtney Spainhower

Interweave Press

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Based on the trends of today’s maker-culture, Elemental Knits is for women who aspire to be less wasteful, more comfortable, and ever stylish.  With knitwear designer Courtney Spainhower, you’ll craft an appearance that truly reflects your spirit with a collection of 20 knitting patterns designed to enhance your wardrobe year-round.  The explore a range of knitting techniques with features suited to each season including texture and cables for autumn, patterning for winter, garter and lace for spring, and colorful accents for summer.

Knit with intention by selecting patterns and fibers for their usability, versatility, and  enhancement for your existing wardrobe.  Gorgeous flourishes and details take these garments and accessories from functional to essential in a way that will have you wearing them year after year.  Enrich your hand-knit wardrobe with wardrobe staples for years to come with Elemental Knits.

Includes excerpts on Woolen Boon, Quince & Co., YOTH Yarns, & Elsawool, too! 

Patterns included in the book: Please select a link below if you would prefer a gift set which includes Elemental Knits and enough yarn to make the selected pattern.  After all, every pattern book should come with yarn! (Coming soon!)

  • Aki Cowl
  • Akina Tunic
  • Cloria Shawl
  • Cormac Cardi
  • Dax Shell
  • Demetria Raglan
  • Eira Cardigan
  • Gen Tee
  • Harue Vest
  • Hazan Dolman
  • Idalia Tank
  • Isla Vest
  • Jorah Cardigan
  • Lumi Sweater
  • Neve Colorwork Pullover
  • Nikko Tee
  • Qui Mock-Turtle
  • Quilo Cape
  • Solange Stole (cover)
  • Yamka Boatneck


published in 2019
Interweave Press/Penguin Random House
Photos by Harper Point Photography

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