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Interweave Knits - Summer 2022

Interweave Press

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Discover a new perspective with OP-ART when visiting summer art shows and street fairs featuring garments that pop.  Enjoy the article, Craft Entrepreneurs, which highlights women in the industry and their businesses. In the technical article, take a deep dive into understanding color dominance in colorwork with Roxanne Richardson’s piece on Parallel vs. Rotating Floats. And let loose with summer fun in this issue’s Maker’s Tools. We’re sharing kits to try new crafts, adorable fuzzy friends, and amazing scents you don’t want to miss.

The fiber review for this issue goes luxe with unique summer yarns that bring together cashmere with cotton and modal, silk and linen, and fine Highland wool with linen. And finally, writer Ana Maria Bejar Miranda shares ways she knits while working from home during conference calls in Ravelings.

Please find all of the patterns below.  To purchase a Gift Set which includes Interweave Knits Fall 2022 and the yarn to make the pattern, click any link below. (Coming soon!)

  • Aperiodic Socks by Aud Bergo
  • Apollinio Shawl by Rachel Clark
  • Argenteuil Top by Nadya Stallings
  • Fournaise Tee by Jennifer Kent
  • Giverny Top by Donna Estin
  • Morellet Top by Lana Jois
  • Morisot Tee by Susanna IC
  • Retinal Tee by Blazenka Simic-Boro
  • Rule of Odds Shawl by Takako Takiguchi
  • Seaglass Shell by Daniela Nii
  • Vasarely Cowl by Qualyn Stark (Cover)
  • Visual Tempo Shawl by Natalya Berezynska

     Photography by Interweave Knits/Molly Stevenson

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