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Katrinkles - Yarn Loop 2" Swatch Gauge & Needle Gauge


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Katy Westcott is a designer and maker of knitting needle gauges, buttons, tools, & accessories.  Katrinkles crafts in cherry because it is strong, attractive and ecologically sustainable.  Yarn Loop is thrilled to partner with this talented designer who has custom made several pieces for our shop. 

This small and portable combination needle & swatch gauge is perfect for your travel bag.  Use it to establish your needle/hook sizes or to measure a small swatch of 2" square with laser etched numbers that will never rub off! 

These handy square tools are used for measuring gauge swatches knit or crocheted in any type of yarn. Simply hold the tool up against your work and count how many stitches fit inside the cut out square (along the bottom for stitch gauge and up the side for row gauge).  Similarly, slide your needles into the holes to determine if you have the correct needle in hand before starting a project (especially wonderful for those old needles whose paint has rubbed off). Needle holes from US 0 to US 13 are also marked in metric as well as the corresponding hook sizes, too.  

Because it is made of a natural material, the appearance of each piece may slightly vary.  Knitters Rule!, Crocheters Rule!, & Yarn Loop 4" Swatch Gauge also available.

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