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Katrinkles - Stitch Marker Holder Pin with Acorn Charm


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This giant safety-pin style stitch holder provides a simple solution for keeping track of stitch markers for knitting projects. Simply slide your markers onto the pin and close it back into the clasp, keeping your markers secure and your fingers safe from accidental pokes. It's easy to use, compact, and best of all it comes attached to a decorative acorn (a sign of good luck!) charm that is easily identifiable inside a busy project bag.  Use this Stitch Holder Pin on your shawls or clip it to the outside of your knitting tote to make a fashionable statement. 

Notion Product Info:

  • Material: Steel pin and Cherry wood acorn
  • Approximate Size: 3” x 1.75”

Images by Katrinkles.  Please note: Stitch markers are NOT included, but the Woodland Stitch Markers are shown.

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