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knitscene Spring 2018

Interweave Press

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Get ready to have a little fun with your knitting with 16 new projects in the Spring 2018 issue of Knitscene. Inspired by an evening of watching the movie Clueless, the 90’s throwback story is one you won’t want to miss. Take a look at some popular knitting patterns and iconic knitwear from that decade as well as create 8 new refreshed designs.

Spring is a transitional season; it’s always nice to have some options for layering. Create light yet warm knits with the Springtime Layers story including tops, sweaters, vests and more. 

Plus, Roxanne Richardson shows the magic of German short-rows in this issue’s technical article. Discover how to substitute the wrap-and-turn short-row method for German short-rows and the scenarios when you shouldn’t. Take a look at some cute knitting tools in the updated Gear Guide. And last but not least, explore hand-dyed cotton and what makes it different (and rarer) than hand-dyed wool in the Yarn Guide. 

The following projects are included.  Please click on any link below to view pattern kits from the magazine (Coming Soon!).

  • Aberdeen Pullover by Caroline Dick
  • Bonn Vest by Amy Gunderson
  • Broome Turtleneck Vest by Megan Nodecker
  • Carrollton Top by Faye Kennington
  • Cotswolds Sweater by Laura Hulslander
  • Fullerton Cardigan & Cherry Blossom Cardigan by Kephren Pritchett
  • Heckerling Pullover (cover) & Palouse Top by Cheryl Toy
  • Hillwood Sweatshirt by Kylen Tennies
  • Lea Mills Thermal by Cara Marco
  • Midtown Pullover by Laura Peters
  • Provence Wrap Sweater by Karin Wilmoth
  • Savannah Pullover by Angela Hahn
  • Verona Top by Erin Mae Searl
  • Wilmington Pullover by Nicole Tavares

Photos courtesy of knitscene/Harper Point Photography

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