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Lantern Moon - Radiance Crochet Hook Set

Lantern Moon

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The Radiance Crochet Set contains the 6 most popular sizes of hooks and contains hooks made from luxurious, lustrous ebony wood, is the first of its kind on the market.

The Radiance set of single-ended crochet hooks is beautiful and practical, featuring six popular US sizes G - L (4 - 8 mm) and housed in an elegant Khadi silk case. Multiple pockets allow you to keep your crochet accessories, such as stitch markers or scissors, organized and within reach as you work on your latest project. With the Radiance set under your belt, you'll be able to bring your crochet projects to life like never before.

 These crochet set is designed by artisans for generations of use by skilled knitters. 

This Crochet Set includes:

  • 6 pair of Ebony Crochet Hooks in Sizes US G / 4mm, US 7 / 4.5mm, H / 5mm, I / 5.5mm, J / 6.0mm, & L / 8mm 
  • Polished Ebony wooden hooks that are strong & durable.  These hooks are ideal for all yarns and every project.  The polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down stitch rhythm. 
  • 1 zippered case made of Khadi silk, a historically significant Indian material. The exterior features lovely floral motif embroidery.  Inside there is room for multiple crochet hooks and accessories. The zippered case keeps all contents safely stored and organized.

All sets are packed in an elegant sheer fabric pouch to provide good visibility. Lantern Moon designs the packaging for the products using biodegradable materials and inks for the ecologically minded customer.

About Lantern Moon:

Built on a foundation of sharing, the Lantern Moon manufacturers are committed to maintaining the welfare of all employees through safe working conditions, equal and fair market wages and sustainable, eco-compliant practices in the factory and on the land.  Lantern Moon is a distinctive line of products and tools for the knitting, fiber and needlework market. It uses the rare woods and exceptional materials that reflect the magical beauty of the Southeast Asian land in which it was founded.

Made in India from ethically sourced, sustainable materials. Images courtesy of Knitter's Pride & Yarn Loop

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