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LYKKE - Indian Rosewood Jumbo Ball Winder


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Now available from the talented craftsmen and women at Lykke!  Handcrafted Jumbo Ball Winder in sustainably sourced Indian Sheesham Rosewood, complete with yarn winder, spindle, metal clamp & cotton storage bag.  Use for skeins up to 4 oz (113g). The winder clamps to most surfaces up to 1 3/8" thick!

To use: Thread yarn through Tensioner spring and feed through slot in top of the Spindle.  Use hand crank to gently build center pull ball.  Wrap long tail around finished ball, and gently slide off of spindle.  The winding band will wear out over time, so please replace if it starts slipping.  Bands can be purchased here.

Dimensions: Base: 5" wide x 14" long. Spindle: 5" long. Clamp Height: 3"

Please click here to see matching Umbrella Swift so you can make quick work of turning a skein into a center-pull ball.  Ball Winder also available in sustainably sourced Mango Wood.

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Named after the Norwegian word for happiness, LYKKE Crafts combine high quality materials and thoughtful design to produce beautiful & durable knitting needles.  These beautiful needles are handcrafted and assembled with production that does not rely on mechanized automation. Instead, Lykke products benefit from the skilled and graceful touch of fine local craftspeople. And as global demand is increasing for Lykke products, this community of skilled workers is growing, too.  LYKKE happily embraces the natural, human pace of production. 

LYKKE stands behind their products and guarantees your swift for 5 years against manufacturer's defects!  Yarn Loop will always help you handle any returns, but you can also get more information from

Images by LYKKE Crafts

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