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Mosaic Crochet: Modern Blankets in Overlay Mosaic by Ana Morais Soares

Tuva Publishing

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Presenting 8 vibrant designs using the overlay mosaic technique for crochet!  Designer Ana Morais Soares has a great passion for color, and the blankets are worked in gorgeous yarns using beautiful color combinations.  Choose between easy or elaborate patterns and create beautiful blankets to add color to your surroundings.  Blankets are crocheted on sport, DK and worsted weight yarn.

This book is complete with photo tutorials for stitches & tassels, written explanations and walk-throughs, charts, and instructions for everything, even how-to read charts!  This is the perfect book for the crochet enthusiast looking to learn new techniques and try something that is more advanced.

The following patterns are included in the book.  Click any link to go directly to the knitting kit!  After all, every book should come with yarn.

  • Between Waves
  • Chocolate Gems
  • Fluffy Snowflakes
  • In My Garden
  • Rolling Diamonds
  • Tiles
  • Tutti Frutti - knit in Queensland United Yarn
  • Winter Elements

Paperback, 40 pages
Published in 2023
Published by Tuva Publishing 

Photography by Tuva Publishing

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