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muud - Effektiv Care & Clean for Leather


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Effektiv Care and Clean is great for removing any sweat and grime from leather goods, and is recommended by muud to prolong the life of the product. It’s a gentle, water-based cleaner that works well on all sorts of leather.  Best of all, it can be diluted to 1:20 for a quick refresh or used directly from the bottle for stubborn stains.

Size: 6.7oz / 200mL

Directions for use:
First, brush off, vacuum or wipe down your bag to remove loose dirt and dust.

Spray Effektiv Care & Clean on a suitable sponge, and rub until the sponge is a little foamy. Gently wash your bag's surface by wiping with the foamy sponge. Wipe excess foam off with a clean cloth. No need to rinse! Pat with towels to dry, if needed.

For the ultimate treatment, use Effective Care & Clean first.  Once item has dried, apply Effekt Leather Conditioner

A special note on leather finishes: Please remember that certain items are finished with various waxes or other agents to give them a special appearance. These agents can come off the first time you treat them, regardless of whether it is a chemical leather cleaner.

This does not mean that you have destroyed your leather goods, but that you have changed the appearance.  

To avoid surprises that you may later regret, always try the remedy in an inconspicuous place first!

muud products are unfinished upon arrival, so they will scratch, scuff, and show all of the use you give them.  Use Effektiv to clean residue from the bag.

Images by muud.  Includes sponge.

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