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Nirvana Needle Arts - Row Counter

Nirvana Needle Arts

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Easily keep track of your rows with these laminated paper row trackers.  Each package contains 3 assorted colors.  These lightweight row trackers can be attached to any project and feature smoothly turning number wheels to count into the double digits.  Measures 2.25" x .75" at the widest part.

Images by Yarn Loop

A note from Yarn Loop - Nirvana sent samples of the row trackers to the shop, and I have tried them out with great success.  At first I had no idea why this was made of laminated paper, but now I see why.  With traditional trackers, you cannot connect them to your work because the weight will distort the stitches.  With the Nirvana Row Counter, each tracker easily attaches with a removable stitch marker and is so lightweight, that you can even attach it to a lace project.  The dials stay perfectly still and require a good push to move so you know that you are on the correct row.  Also, your children are less likely to click away your row (as all children do) when they find a row tracker by itself.  This item is a diamond in the rough!

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