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Rowan - Geometric Homeware


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Martin Storey, Lisa Richardson, Chloe Thurlow, & Georgia Farrell create a collection of beautifully crafted homewares with a fresh, modern color palette & a graphic, geometric aesthetic.  Featuring bold, graphic patterns from simple striping, small scale stranded repeating patterns and large scale intarsia color blocking, These modern prints are paired with garter stitch and stocking stitch, simple knit purl patterns and some pieces with more detailed constructions. All together, the collection of cushions, throws and wall hangings blends hand-crafted knits with a modern look. 

Featured Yarns include Handknit Cotton & Cotton Glacé

Patterns included are listed below. 

  • Aalto block pillow by Georgia Farrell
  • Albers tubular pillow by Georgia Farrell
  • Breuer table runner / throw by Martin Storey
  • Foster striped throw by Chloe Thurlow
  • Gaudi throw by Martin Storey
  • Gropius pillow by Lisa Richardson
  • Hadid pillow by Chloe Thurlow
  • Klee geometric blanket by Georgia Farrell
  • Le Corbusier pillow by Martin Storey

Paperback, 76 pages
Published in 2024
Published by Rowan yarns

Photography by Quail Studio

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