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Rowan Magazine 68 - Seamless Autumn/Winter 2020-21


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Enjoy 39 new designs in 3 new collections featured in Rowan Magazine 68!

Seamless … the focus is truly seamless design, incorporating top down and in the round with designs shaped in such a way seams are not necessary. Interesting construction and unusual shapes, elegantly designed using textured cables and colourwork. 

Homewear by Erika Knight… A comfortable collection of hand knits inspired by the 'hygge’ feeling of coming home. Soft, brushed and lofty wools combined with plant based linens and cottons for drape and durability, knitted in textures of ribs, stripes and woven style stitches, these designs celebrate the tactility of hand knitting to create modern pieces in which to cocoon, wrap and feel present. Knitted in neutral tones of warm beige and stone with shades of teal, highlights of chartreuse and a pop of orange.

City Tweed … A collection of eight designs by Martin Storey using Felted Tweed.

The following patterns are included in the book.  Please select any link to go directly to the Gift Set which includes the book, yarn & accessories needed to complete the project.  After all, every knitting book should come with yarn!

Seamless -

  • Abbotsford by Vibe Ulrik - Alpaca Classic
  • Bunloit by Martin Storey - Felted Tweed Aran
  • Caerlaverock by Lisa Richardson - Alpaca Classic
  • Cawdor by Martin Storey - Felted Tweed Aran
  • Culzean by Lisa Richardson - Alpaca Classic
  • Dumfries by Emma Wright - Alpaca Classic
  • Dunrobin by Kristen TenDyke - Felted Tweed
  • Falkland Armwarmers by Martin Storey - Alpaca Classic
  • Hamilton by Vibe Ulrick - Alpaca Classic & Felted Tweed
  • Hopetoun by Cathy Carron - Felted Tweed
  • Kellie by Kristen TenDyke - Alpaca Classic
  • Kincardine by Galina Carroll - Felted Tweed
  • Kinross by Georgia Farrell - Alpaca Classic
  • Manderston by Arne & Carlos - Felted Tweed
  • Mellerstane by Amy Gunderson - Alpaca Classic
  • Skibo by Martin Storey - Alpaca Classic 
  • Thirlestane by Georgia Farrell - Alpaca Classic

City Tweed by Martin Storey -  all pieces in this collection are in Felted Tweed

  • Abbey 
  • Adelphi 
  • Haymarket 
  • Landscape
  • Odeon 
  • Palladium
  • Savoy
  • Shaftesbury

Homewear by Erika Knight -

  • Afternoon - Alpaca Classic
  • Botanical - Creative Linen
  • Bracken - Alpaca Classic & Felted Tweed
  • Driftwood - Creative Linen
  • Drowsy - Felted Tweed Aran
  • Fiction - Brushed Fleece
  • Marram - Creative Linen & Brushed Fleece
  • Pause - Big Wool
  • Reverse - Creative Linen
  • Saltwave - Creative Linen
  • Seakale - Big Wool

Paperback, 149 pages
Published in 2020
Published by Rowan

Photography by Moy Williams

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