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Rowan Magazine 71 - Joy! Spring/Summer 2022


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Enjoy 36 new designs from amazing designers featured in Rowan Magazine 71!  Rowan Designers reveal what brings them utmost pleasure and happiness in their unique interpretations of the meaning of joy.  See the inspiration of color by Kaffe Fassett, nature's touches by Lisa Richardson, decadent cables by Martin Storey, and the joyful patterning of Arne & Carlos, etc.  The JOY Collection features wonderful summer yarns, relaxed fit and beautiful patterns for the home and the woman's body.

The following patterns are included in the book.  Please select any link to go directly to the Gift Set which includes the book, yarn & accessories needed to complete the project.  After all, every knitting book should come with yarn!

JOY - all patterns of the Joy Collection feature pure cotton or cotton blend Rowan Yarns such as Summerlite 4-Ply, Cotton Glacé, Creative Linen, Cotton Cashmere with a bit of Kidsilk Haze & Fine Lace for good measure

  • Agatha by Chloe Thurlow
  • Braid by Martin Storey
  • Caterpillar Patches by Caffe Fassett
  • Climb by Lisa Richardson
  • Collage by Arne & Carlos
  • Comfort by Erika Knight
  • Dawn by Brandon Mably
  • Diamond Stripe by Kaffe Fasset
  • Flow by Annika Andrea Wolke
  • Fold by Martin Storey
  • Free by Vibe Ulrik
  • Gather by Vibe Ulrik
  • Grandad by Georgina Brant
  • Grow by Lisa Richardson
  • Jolly by Brandon Mably
  • Landscape by Lisa Richardson
  • Lots & Lots & Lots blanket by Georgia Farrell
  • Louisa cardigan by Georgia Farrell
  • Outdoors pullover by Lisa Richardson
  • Saint Luke's shawlette by Georgia Farrell
  • Scrapbook Cardigan by Arne & Carlos
  • Seaside by Georgina Brant
  • Slow oversized pullover by Erika Knight
  • Still cropped cardigan by Annika Andrea Wolke
  • Suzy throw by Chloe Thurlow
  • Twist lace pullover by Martin Storey

The Joy of Fresh Air featuring homegoods and women's wear in Cotton Cashmere & Cotton Glacé

  • Cliff striped poncho by Erika Knight
  • Coast oversized, striped pullover by Quail Studio
  • Dune cardigan by Erika Knight
  • Grass pillow cushion by Anna Hull
  • Land striped throw by Georgia Farrell
  • Pebble lace tee by Lisa Richardson
  • Rock blanket by Lisa Richardson
  • Shade lace tee by Emma Wright
  • Sunray shawl by Annika Andrea Wolke
  • Wave pullover by Georgia Farrell

Paperback, 163 pages
Published in 2022
Published by Rowan

Photography by Quail Studio

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