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Rowan Magazine 75 - Spring/Summer 2024


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Summer silhouettes and lightweight layers are key to this collection, including tops, sweaters, cardigans and shawls. In the Botanic Gardens story which was photographed at the Sheffield Botanic Gardens in Yorkshire, the designers use creative stitches to make texture, lace, colorwork and embroidered embellishments while exploring botanical gardens, showcasing the fabrics using tonal shades of greens and neutrals, plus pops of bright florals. 

Photographed in the Champagne vineyards of france, the Slip into Summer collection features modern summer knits celebrate the slip stitch technique. Even in their simplest form, slip stitches can create unique, multi-color patterns.

Yarns featured: Summerlite DK, Summerlite 4plyKidsilk HazeCotton Glacé, & Fine Lace
Designers include Kaffe Fassett, Lisa Richardson, Martin Storey, Georgia Farrell, Chloe Thurlow, Vibe Ulrik, Arne & Carlos, Erika Knight, Galina Carroll, Brandon Mably, Quail Studio, Anna Hull, Florence Spurling & Annika Andrea Wolke

Magazine 75 also includes the following articles: 

  • A Botanical Journey featuring the Sheffield Botanic Gardens
  • Kim Hargreaves: Crafting Elegance - saying farewell & happy retirement to iconic Kim Hargreaves.  Featuring her last collection, Adore.
  • What's New
  • Fitting Guide

The following patterns are included in the magazine.  

Botanic Gardens - featuring delicate floral designs in Cotton Glacé, Fine Lace, Kidsilk Haze, Summerlite 4-Ply, & Summerlite DK

  • Alocasia by Lisa Richardson
  • Arboretum by Martin Storey
  • Archway by Vibe Ulrik
  • Begonia by Martin Storey
  • Blossom by Arne & Carlos
  • Cacti by Chloe Thurlow
  • Caladium by Martin Storey
  • Calathea by Anna Hull
  • Dahlia by Galina Carroll
  • Eucalyptus by Florence Spurling
  • Exotic by Lisa Richardson
  • Glass House by Georgia Farrell
  • Herby by Lisa Richardson
  • Hibiscus by Lisa Richardson
  • Hosta by Quail Studio
  • Manuka by Annika Andrea Wolke
  • Monstera by Brandon Mably
  • Paradise by Chloe Thurlow
  • Philodendron by Kaffe Fassett
  • Pollinate by Florence Spurling
  • Pothos by Anna Hull
  • Ornata by Quail Studio
  • Rosemary by Erika Knight
  • Seedling by Galina Carroll
  • Succulent by Erika Knight
  • Temperate by Lisa Richardson
  • Thyme by Erika Knight
  • Trail by Arne & Carlos
  • Tropical by Chloe Thurlow

Slip into Summer - slipstitch patterns featuring Summerlite 4-Ply & Creative Linen

  • Drop by Martin Storey
  • Fall by Martin Storey
  • Graze by Lisa Richardson
  • Plummet by Martin Storey
  • Roll by Lisa Richardson
  • Slip by Lisa Richardson
  • Sway by Lisa Richardson
  • Topple by Lisa Richardson
  • Trip by Martin Storey
  • Tumble by Georgia Farrell

    Paperback, XX pages
    Published in 2024
    Published by Rowan

    Photography by Moy Williams & Quail Studio ???

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