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Rowan Seasonal Palette - Cotton Cashmere by Dee Hardwicke


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Layering is key and designs in this collection include and elegant coat, turtle-neck sweater and wrap. The palette was inspired by Dee's love of visiting city parks and garden squares when not at home in the countryside. The colors of early autumn tend to be less muted than those found in the natural landscape and this palette reflects that, featuring more saturated colors such as Indigo, Golden Dunes and new Myrtle. The shades are completely harmonious, working wonderfully however you choose to combine them.  An all-seasons yarn, Cotton Cashmere is wonderfully suited to country and city dressing. 

The following patterns are included in the book.  Please select any link to go directly to the Gift Set which includes the book, yarn & accessories needed to complete the project.  After all, every knitting book should come with yarn! (Coming Soon)

  • Fields Turtle Neck Sweater
  • Night Garden Gloves
  • Night Garden Sweater
  • Oak Branch Cardigan
  • Oak Branch Coat
  • Oak Branch Hat & Shawl
  • Wild Scarf
  • Wild Flowering Sweater

Paperback, 64 pages
Published in 2020
Published by Rowan

Photography by Jesse Wild

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