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Schildkraut - 6" Fur Pompom


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Black Fox 02
Blue Fox 03
Sand Fox 37
Crystal Fox with Tips 10
Black Gold Finn Raccoon with Tips 74
Silver Fox with Tips 39

Made from 100% real fur, this luxury Pom Pom is a decadent addition to all of your hand knitted accessories. Use the integral ribbon to attach your Pom Pom to a hat, scarf or shawl, or simply use it as a tactile bag accessory. Schildkraut Pom Poms are available in a multitude of colors from pure naturals to dyed hues, with or without tips, and are 100% handmade in New York from carefully selected fox or raccoon fur from Europe.  Each pom pom is downy & soft with the beautiful sheen and highlights found only in natural fibers.

Each Pom Pom measures 5-7" wide; tipped pom poms are on the larger end of the spectrum.  

At this time Yarn Loop has mostly natural colors in stock.  Please contact us if you would like a colored pompom in a dyed hue such as pink, red, or blue.  These are also available but will require an extra 2 weeks for shipping to your location.


Blue Fox pompom is not blue but white with some charcoal tips.  This fur is from the blue fox, hence it's name.

Images by Yarn Loop

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