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Zoomigurumi Favorites: 30 Best-Loved Amigurumi Patterns

Meteoor Books

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This new collection of the most-loved projects have been featured in 10 books in the past, but are now available in one, perfect compilation featuring designers from all over the world and the creme de la creme of amigurumi figures.

Surprise your family and friends with handmade gifts, or simply make them for yourself. Projects cover a variety of skill levels, from beginner-friendly to suitable for advanced crocheters, and are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. The clear illustrations and handy video tutorials will help you master all stitches and techniques used.

Patterns specify many different yarn weights (fingering thru worsted) for animals ranging in height from 4.5-13 inches tall.  Using smaller yarns & hooks than those specified will create smaller amigurumi toys and visa versa.

The following patterns are included in the book.  

  • Angie the Anglerfish by Jhak Stein
  • Anna the Swan and her baby Peter by Yan Schenkel
  • Anti the Anteater by Lemon Yarn Creations
  • Carlos the Hummingbird by Younique Crafts (Cover)
  • Caterino the Walrus by  Ilaria Caliri
  • Cedric the Crab by Lisa's Crochet
  • Gerty the Gecko by Moji-Moji Design
  • Hamish the Hamster by Moji-Moji Design (Cover)
  • Hedley the Hedgehog by Mohi-Moji Design
  • Henry the Hippo by Kamlin Patterns
  • Johnny the Monkey by Pepika
  • Kai the Koala by Lemon Yarn Creations
  • Kirk the Frog by Lisa Jestes
  • Leo the Lion by Amalou Designs
  • Leopold the Peacock by Yan Schenkel
  • Lil Quack the Duck by Little Muggles
  • Mama & Baby Kangaroo by DIY Fluffies
  • Meyer the Mallard Duck & his babies by Little Muggles
  • Monty the Moose by Erinna Lee
  • Oatley the Horse by CrochetbyKim
  • Otto the Turtle by Kamlin Patterns
  • Perry the Otter by Irene Strange
  • Raindrop the Fox by Anna Edina Tekten
  • Reggie the Mouse by Kristi Tullus
  • Sammy the Seahorse by Josephine Wu
  • Sammy the Seal by DIY Fluffies
  • Stanley the Giraffe by Little Muggles (Cover)
  • Toco the Toucan by Ilaria Caliri
  • Wilbur the Penguin by Kate Hancock

Paperback, 176 pages
Published in 2022
Published by Meteoor Books

Photography by Sophie Peirsman & Joost de Wolf

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