A New Beginning

A New Beginning

July 03, 2016

 After months of long hours and longer days, Yarn Loop is finally launching!  We are very excited to offer the most innovative, modern, fun, and classic patterns and kits.  

We know that it is difficult if not downright impossible to find the exact yarns specified for patterns,especially new releases.  Manufacturers backorder colors or even entire yarn lines, yarns are discontinued, colors change seasonally, and beautiful patterns are discarded because we don't know which yarn to use.  

Look no further!  We will hunt down the best alternative yarn options, let you know of back-ordered colors from manufacturers and the approximate arrival dates at our store!  You can pre-order a new book, magazine or upcoming yarn in a new colorway too.  We will provide you all of the accessibility of your local yarn store with the added benefit of mini skeins, a huge assortment of Yarn Loop kits, and a generous pattern selection for that special yarn.

Come back often to see what has been added!  We are constantly improving our selection of yarns, patterns, notions, books and accessories.  Sign up for our in-house blog, for updates at the Yarn Loop.

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