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Halloween Part II - Adult Costumes

Halloween Part II - Adult Costumes

October 04, 2018 5 Comments

I hope that you have enjoyed the Halloween - Part I - Children's Costume ideas.  Welcome to Part II - Adult Costume ideas!  Please know that any idea you have can almost always be found on Ravelry, so if you see something here that sparks the mind, chase it down and see if you can make your dreams a reality. 

The focus of this article will be on women's wear due to the incredibly large number of women's patterns available to the craft community. Please click any link below to go directly to the pattern page.  Estimated time frames are included for those last minute makers, too. Kits are available on the majority of these patterns, but we can always create one for you in a pinch too.  Please contact us with any requests as we love talking with our customers.


Star Wars Inspirations

A favorite among favorites, Star Wars ideas are rampant on Ravelry with hats, costumes, BB8 pillows and even something for the family pet.  To see more patterns than you could ever make, click this link.

Princess Leia Hat - KNIT - 10 hours

Of the many hats available, this particular cap by Amanda Kaffka is my personal favorite.  The coiled locks are perfectly located and the draping hairline is sure to cover all of your own strands.  The hat is relatively thick to keep your noggin warm for extra Trick-or-Treat time.  And best yet, you don't have to worry about lice from the costume shop.

Yoda Hat - KNIT - 10 hours

Perfect for the chaperone of a band of Star Wars characters, and completely original!  This particular design is the best of the best with the wrinkled forehead and slightly darker ears. Pair it with your old karate outfit and an old bathrobe, and you might just pull off the perfect costume.


Harry Potter Inspirations has just added the wonderful book, Knitted Wizardry (formerly known as the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits) to our shop.  The book is full of wonderful fairy tale patterns including hats, hooded capes, crazy socks, and everyday items inspired by Harry Potter.  Make the Thinking Cap to totter around as Dumbledore or the Aviary Vest by Kyle Kunnecke for a festive addition to your outfit.  Of course, the Ghostly Cloak or Lacey Cloak will add a bit of mystery and fun to any lady's ensemble, evoking Little Red Riding Hood or a sinister witch.





Ginny's Owl Cardigan - KNIT - 50 hours +

While this is not a quick knit, it is a classy design that can be worn in everyday surroundings.  Created for those intermediate knitters who want to keep showing off their skills after Halloween.



Shimmering Cloak - KNIT - 60 hours +

This cloak is reminiscent of Ignotus Peverell’s Cloak of Invisibility that Harry constantly dons.  We have several options available for the yarn to decrease the cost of your Halloween night, but of course, anyone who has ever felt or seen Metalico by Blue Sky Fibers will be sorely tempted to create on this fantastic & luxurious yarn.  



There are hundreds of costume pieces for comic book characters like Batman, Spider Man, Iron Man, and Captain America.  Please click any link to see a plethora of finished pieces for men, women, children, and pets.

Wonder Woman Shawl - KNIT - 25 hours to 33 hours depending on size


Wonder Woman Shawl - CROCHET - 15 hours to 20 hours depending on size

Inspired by the Wonder Woman emblem, Carissa Browning has created both a knit & crochet version of this shawl which depicts the Wonder Woman insignia. The shawl is quite brilliant because it allows adults to participate as part of the super hero gang while keeping warm on chilly October nights, something the spartan and revealing Wonder Woman costume is not.  This is perhaps the most famous handmade super hero garment since its introduction in July 2017, so know that thousands of others have made each shawl & asked tons of questions, too. Remember to visit Carissa's Ravelry Group by clicking here so you can show off your FO (finished object), too.



With a team of costume designers led by Terry Dresbach, and the cold, damp climate of Scotland determining functionality, many knitted pieces kept the actors warm and comfortable while filming Outlander, the historical fiction/romance that blooms between Sassenach Claire and Highlander Jamie. Knitters took notice and a little book called Highland Knits was born.  The following women's wear patterns are from this collection.


Miss Beachamp's Capelet - KNIT - 5 hours

This super bulky knit moves quickly and is done in 1 or 2 good sittings.  Easy enough for a beginner to make and incredibly warm, too.


Rent Collecting Shawl - KNIT - 15 to 20 hours

This is one of the most famous and easily recognizable pieces from the series.  Simple garter stitch with shaping down the spine. Easy knit with simple color changes. Pair with the mitts below for a perfectly recognizable Claire ensemble.


Claire's Castle Gauntlets - KNIT - 10 hours

These wristwarmers are the perfect addition to any Claire outfit.  They require a single skein of yarn, a set of needles (your choice of DPN's or magic loop), and a cable needle.  While cabling may look difficult to a novice, it is beautifully explained and written in this pattern.  Perfect for the advanced beginner who is advancing to more complex stitches.



Fairies, Brides, & Pirates

Ephemeral, ethereal, and light garments like shawls are the best addition to any fairy costume.  Likewise, the same shawl can be wrapped around a "bride" for warmth or tied at the waist for some Pirate or Gypsy flair, especially when be-dangled with jewelry.  Please note that due to the fine yarn and large size, these projects take the most time to complete, but the bonus is that you can wear them to any elegant soiree or wedding in the foreseeable future.  Most of these shawls should be attempted by seasoned makers with intermediate to advanced skills.

Mermaid's Song - KNIT - 25+ hours

This relatively small fan-shaped shawl (18" at the center spine) will act as your glimmering ocean or fairy wings and give your costume some additional flair.  Dainty beads weigh down the bottom hem and provide a little glint and glitter as well as some definition. From the book, Knitted Wizardry.


Waxwing Shawl - KNIT - 50+ hours

Originally presented in Interweave Knits as part of the wedding collection, this moon shaped shawl will do well when added to a fairy costume as well.  This is a significantly larger piece than Mermaid's Song and is heavily beaded along the lower hem.  Waxwing is considered an heirloom piece due to its size and intricacy. (Definitely worth your time!)


Town Square Shawl - KNIT - 60+ hours

The largest of the lace shawls presented, this laceweight beauty was designed by the most famous shawl maker around, Romi Hill.  Excellent presentation, detailed with short rows, nups, picot binding, etc., and ready for the most adventurous and seasoned knitter.  There is not any beading on this piece, so make sure to get your blocking items ready!


Another Fun Project

For the Love of Spiders - KNIT - 35+ hours

I have to include For the Love of Spiders, a shawl inspired by Charlotte's Web and the 514 "children" flying in the wind.  This superb shawl is a shining example of the talented Melanie Berg, and while not overtly screaming Halloween, the Spiders are definitely part of the spooky tradition.  For the Love of Spiders uses slipped-stitch knitting which I find to be the easiest for the novice venturing into multi-colored pieces.


Handmade costumes are some of the most memorable and pleasing to children and adults alike.  The time invested while sitting and listening to your favorite talk show or favorite movie marathon is well worth it.  My mother always sewed Halloween costumes for the family and inspired her students by transforming into Pocahontas or Snow White one fateful day each year.  It was worth every minute of labor to see those kids faces...they really thought that Snow White was teaching their classroom! 

So I say, enjoy yourself and play along with the kids this year while making lasting memories.  It doesn't matter if the costume was an awful mess or the shining star in your collection, so long as you and the kids remember the loving dedication you show to fun.   

Images courtesy of Interweave Knits, Amanda Kaffka, & Melanie Berg

5 Responses

Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann

April 06, 2019

Love the wonder woman shawl!!


February 04, 2019

I love the Outlander themed knits and the fairy/pirate princess shawls!


October 23, 2018

I lust after For the Love of Spiders.

Julibeth Jones
Julibeth Jones

October 23, 2018

Beautiful shawl selection! Love the Yoda hat, too. Definitely fun and creative costume ideas.

Teresa Knittingdancer
Teresa Knittingdancer

October 23, 2018

I love some of these patterns especially the shawls.

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