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Gift Sets for Everyone! Guide to gifts for those who play with string

Gift Sets for Everyone! Guide to gifts for those who play with string

December 02, 2016

Yarn Loop has been working diligently to provide you with the most luxurious gift sets around.  These sets are selected from the best of the best and are the most sought-after needles, crochet hooks and accessories.  These gift sets may not be available forever, so make sure to look them over as soon as possible.  Click any link to go directly to the item.

The Addi Olive Wood Needle Set is here just in time for Christmas!!!  Make sure to check out this premium wooden needle set for the connoisseur of wooden knitting needles (Pictured above). 

How to choose?  Ask your knitter these questions:

  1. Do you like wood or metal knitting needles?
  2. Do you have nickel allergies?  Nickel content is always noted on Yarn Loop.
  3. Do you fight your cables on circulars?  Do they unscrew? Twist up (known as memory)?
  4. For Sock knitters: Do you like Double Points or the Magic Loop? Double Point kits coming next week!  
  5. Are you making chunky or jumbo items? see GIANTS below

Don't worry!  You don't have to know what these weird terms mean!  Just select the kit that fits with our handy guide below:


 Addi Click Olive Wood Gift Set                               Addi Click Lace Short Tips Gift Set

luxurious, newly released wooden needles          nickel needles, great for Magic Loop

Click Connector does not unscrew!                        Click Connector does not unscrew!



The Bamboo Gift Set                                                          The Sock Knitting Gift Set

Premium, most preferred bamboo needles             Stainless Steel, no nickel plating

SPIN cables cannot twist up!                      Magic Loop kit with memory-free cables


The GIANTS wooden set                                                       The GIANTS Addi Set 

    wooden needles                                              metal or plastic needles (for weight considerations)

        heavy duty, strong plastic cable                                  super thick, non-kinking plastic cable

We will add the ChiaoGoo Red Lace Gift Set as soon as the needles arrive (they are shipping today).  Please contact us if you would like to pre-order this set. The Red Lace line has stainless steel needles (no nickel allergies!) and memory-free RED cables.

How to choose for your Crochet Enthusiast?  Ask these questions:

  1.  How do you hold your hook?  Knife grip or pencil grip
  2.  Are your hooks too short and poke your palm?
  3. Do you like a long throat on the hook for multiple loops?


Creme de la Creme- Addi Swing Gift Set                        Addi Colours Crochet Gift Set

  Pencil Grip preferred, the best hooks anywhere!          Knife & Pencil Grip Compatible

Short throat, long handles                                                     Long Throat, long handles

We will be adding the Clover Amour Crochet Set as soon as it arrives next week.  It is the  most economical of the upper end crochet sets and preferred by enthusiasts with a knife grip.  Please contact us to pre-order this set.

I would like to inform you that we are sold out of the 21 Color Slouch Hat Kits, but we are expecting more mid-December.  These kits go very fast, and I do recommend Pre-Ordering one (or two) so that you receive the project ASAP.  They are the perfect project for any knitter in your life, including you!

While Pre-Orders are not offered at many online stores, this is personally handled by myself, the owner, to guarantee that your order makes it to you as soon as possible in the colors and yarn bases that you request.  I always call if there are any questions or hiccups along the way, and you will receive email updates on your order.  Please feel confident that your project is our top priority, whether it is a pre-order or an in-stock item.  I love helping my fiber community and will help pair the perfect yarn for your perfect project.

Make sure to check back Friday for the scarf options at various price points.  While I love, love, love Fibre Company yarns, they don't fit into everyone's budget.  If you want to make something, we want to support you!  Always remember to send us a message with any project you are dying to make by posting on our blog or Facebook page.

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