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Bloom at Rowan Book 3: Nursery by Georgia Farrell


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This collection of 12 designs for mama and baby was created by the modern designer, Georgia Farrell.  The collection features DK weight Cotton Wool by Rowan, a organic wool and organic cotton blend perfect for keeping baby and mommy in style in temperate weather.

The collection includes lovely touches for the nursery with soft building blocks, little mobiles, colorful blankets and soft geometric pillows.  The pieces for mama are beautiful yet practical accessories to wear and use as props to keep her comfortable while nursing.  Lastly, tiny geometric patterns adorn simple baby garments which are also interspersed with pops of color.

  • Bluebell - baby cardigan
  • Buttercup - sleeveless onesie
  • Fern - garter stitch sweater
  • Iris - baby hat by Georgia Farrell's nan
  • Ivy - building blocks
  • Lavender Blanket
  • Lily - cylindrical cushion
  • Peony Blanket - 2 sizes available!
  • Poppy - geometric pillows
  • Rose - triangular shawl
  • Snowdrop - buttoned poncho
  • Sweet Pea - mobile

    Paperback, 68 pages
    Published in 2022
    Published by Rowan

    Photography by Georgina Piper

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