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Book 11: Aniversario by Malabrigo


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In Book 11: Aniversario, Malabrigo presents beautiful sweaters, shawls, capelets and other women's garments in the beautiful Aniversario colorway on many of the yarns now available from the company.  Ranging in difficulty from Intermediate to Experienced, there is a wonderful pattern to keep you warm on the coldest days.

These luxurious yarns are made from merino wool and alpaca, grown & dyed in South America, a beautiful country with a long history of hand crafting, and with stunning landscapes that are the insipiraion for Malabrigo's rich and striking palettes.  Enjoy the nuances and vibrancy of Malabrigo with another excellent pattern collection.

Please click on any link below to view a gift kit which includes this book and enough yarn to complete the selected pattern!  After all, pattern books should come with yarn. (Coming Soon!)

Fingering Weight - Sock & Mechita

  • Bleeker by Anniken Allis on Mechita
  • Bedford by Christina Behnke on Sock
  • Carmine by Placemarker on Mechita
  • Minetta by Candace Eisner Strick in Sock (Cover)
  • Morton by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton in Mechita & Mecha

Sport & DK Weight - Arroyo 

  • Clarkson by Unjung Yun in Arroyo
  • Greenwich by Yoko Hatta in Arroyo

Worsted Weight - Rios 

  • Perry by Jacqueline van Dillen in Rios
  • Waverly by Sandy Prosser in Rios

Bulky Weight - Mecha

  • Morton by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton in Mechita & Mecha
  • Washington Square by Yoko Hatta in Mecha

Super Bulky Weight - Caracol & Rasta

  • Barrow by Matthew Schrank on Rasta
  • Bethune by Jacob Seifert on Caracol
  • Hudson by Annabelle Speer in Caracol
  • Vandam by Audrey Drysdale in Rasta
Published 2016 by the Malabrigo Team
Paperback, 65 pages
Images by Rose Callahan

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