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Edition Three by Quail Studio


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Edition Three by Quail Studio is another series of timeless handknits.  This collection features 11 exquisite designs tailored for spring days  and summer nights.  Created exclusively with Rowan Yarns, this collection blends elegance, comfort & style.  

Whether you are an experienced knitter seeking new challenges or a novice eager to explore the world of handcrafted fashion, Edition Three has the perfect balance of project complexities.  Each garment has been designed with a blend of texture and relaxed silhouettes, offering both style & ease.

Featuring Rowan Yarns: Cotton Cashmere, Four Seasons Cotton, Handknit Cotton, SoftYak DK

The following patterns are included in the book.  

  • Agapanthus ribbed tank top
  • Allium cabled cardigan
  • Astilbe ribbed sweater
  • Azalea lacework sweater
  • Cecelia oversized cardigan
  • Hydrangea short sleeved pullover
  • Mayflower lacework sleeveless top
  • Peony sleeveless cabled top
  • Petunia oversized sweater
  • Thistle wrap
  • Wisteria sleeveless tee

Paperback, 86 pages
Published in 2024
Published by Quail Publishing Ltd.

Photography by Quail Studio

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