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Knitter's Pride - Interchangeable Cables

Knitter's Pride

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Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Cables are resilient, flexible and lay flat without kinking or twisting.  The smooth join enables stitches to slide around the needles effortlessly.  The long threaded join insures that cord and needles stay connected.  Simply tighten using cord "key" by inserting into the tightening hole and twisting.  Hole can also be used for a lifeline!  Includes 2 end caps with each cord as well as 1 cord key.

  • 8" / 20cm Yellow cord makes 16" / 40 cm Circular needle
  • 11" / 28cm Blue cord makes 20" / 50cm Circular needle 
  • 14" / 35cm Green cord makes 24" / 60cm Circular Needle
  • 22" / 56cm Orange cord makes 32" / 80 cm Circular needle
  • 30" / 76cm Red cord makes 40" / 100cm Circular Needle

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