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Malabrigo - Rios


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Sunset RIO096
Glazed Carrot RIO016
Peachy RIO695
Living Coral RIO896
Lapacho RIO656
Almond Blossom RIO703
Cereza RIO033
Gemini RIO280
English Rose RIO057
Jupiter RIO049
Libra RIO284
Valentina RIO689
Medusa RIO276
Jacaranda RIO652
Sabiduria RIO136
Purple Mystery RIO030
Syrah Grapes RIO211
Candombe RIO870
Cowboy RIO215
Azul Profundo RIO150
Rio de la Plata RIO644
Blue Jeans RIO210
Matisse Blue RIO415
Aquamarine RIO687
Cosmos RIO706
Gris RIO212
Reflecting Pool RIO133
Aguas RIO855
Fresco y Seco RIO128
Hojas RIO880
Indiecita RIO416
Lettuce RIO037
Yerba RIO688
Frank Ochre RIO035
Chaja RIO655
Natural RIO063
White RIO943
Pearl RIO036
Pearl Ten RIO069
Black RIO195
Lobo Marino RIO646
Sand Bank RIO131
Niebla RIO122
Capricorn RIO287
Camel RIO208
Pocion RIO139
Coco RIO624
Special Order Colors-Minimum 6 skeins

Soft, strong, and washable, this 4-ply yarn is a workhorse that resists pilling! Washability makes it fantastic for frequently-worn garments, housewares, and children and baby clothes. It is super soft and great for next-to-the-skin wear as well as housewares, toys, cables and colorwork! Spun from Uruguayan premium superwash merino, it comes in an array of watercolor-multi, semi-solid, and variegated colorways.

Be sure to get enough yarn to complete your project since each skein may vary from the next. To ensure random color distribution, work from two balls of yarn at once, alternating a few rows from each ball.  For Ball Winding services click here.  Please know that we always hand pick all yarns so that the best match from skein to skein is possible.  

 Worsted Weight

FIBER CONTENT: 100% Superwash Merino Wool
WEIGHT: 100g / 210 yds
NEEDLE SIZE: US 6-8 / 4-5mm
GAUGE: 4.5-5.5 sts per inch / 2-2.5cm
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash, gentle cycle in cold water.  Do not tumble.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash in cold water.

For ball winding services click here.


Aguas - light blue/green, turquoise, hunter green variegated.  There can be quite a difference from one dye lot to the next.  

Almond Blossom - baby pink

Aquamarine - variegated pastel blues, aquas, and lavender

Azul Profundo-dark blue that shifts to navy

Blue Jeans- royal blue

Black-solid black with no tonal variation

Camel variegated toffees, browns, and caramels

Candombe - highly variegated shades of dark purple, evergreen teal, brown, blue & burgundy

Capricorn - medium browns with undertones of purple

Cereza-vibrant cherry red

Chaja - golden yellow

Coco-warm deep chocolate brown

Cosmos light blue with teal undertones

Cowboy - variegated dark blue with purple undertones

English Rose-bright pink with streaks of muted purple

Frank Ochre - dark yellow tinted with orange and a touch of green

Fresco y Seco-variegated hunter green with accents of green

Gemini - variegated bright pinks & peaches

Glazed Carrot-vibrant orange with red undertones

Glitter - variegated rustic browns with taupe & gold poking through

Gris - medium grey with undertones of slate blue 

Hojas - variegated dark green & hunter green with touches of navy and lime green

Indiecita-variegated in tones of of lime green, turquoise, hunter green and touches of blue.  Since this is a highly variegated yarn, each skein may be quite different from the next.  

Jacaranda - Solidios Collection: Solid colorway in lavender with grey undertones

Jupiter - variegated maroon with hints of fuschia

Lapacho - Solidios Collection: solid colorway in medium pink with peach undertones.  

Lettuce-lime green

Libra - bright fuchsia with purple undertones

Living Coral - bright orange/red salmon

Lobo Marino - Solid colorway in dark charcoal with plum tint 

Matisse Blue - vibrant royale blue

Natural-ecru or off/white

Peachy - variegated pale peach with slight pink streaks throughout

Pearl-medium gray with taupe undertones

Pearl Ten-charcoal gray

Pocion - variegated red, burgundy, green, teal, brown & navy

Purple Mystery - Dark, deep purple 

Reflecting Pool-turquoise with streaks of royal blue

Rio de la Plata - Solidios Collection: Solid colorway in medium blue with a slight grey tint

Sabiduria-Deep purple with streaks of black and plum

Sand Bank - light pearly grey with undertones of peach/pink; neutral 

Sunset - Bright burnt orange

Syrah Grapes - variegated purples with blue, royal blue, grape & dark red shifts

Valentina - ballet pink with a hint of lavender 

White - bleached white

Yerba - light olive green with taupe undertones

A note on Special Order Colors: You may select any current color from the Malabrigo catalog.  Yarn Loop will verify its availability (in-stock or backordered) and the estimated arrival date via email.  If an item is backordered, you will have the option to receive a full refund or to wait for the item.  There is no upcharge on Special Order colors. It may take 10-14 business days to arrive at your address.  Minimum Number of Special Order Skeins per color: 6 Please place colors and quantities of each color in an email to after confirmation of payment.  If you would rather find out lead times before placing your order, please Contact Us now.  Malabrigo is kettle dyed in small batches.  Please order enough yarn to complete you project because dye lots can vary greatly.  Yarn Loop is expecting a shipment of Subiduria, Jupiter, Cumparsita, Indiecita, Fresco y Seco, Lettuce & Black before September 14th.

Category: Malabrigo, Merino Wool, Superwash Wool, Worsted

Type: Yarn

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