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Malabrigo - Sock Minis 25g


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Light of Love SW857
Ravelry Red SW611
Archangel SW850
Aniversario SW005
Carnival SW669
Stonechat SW173
Mask SW733
Terra Cotta SW802
Tin Soldier SW353
Legend SW343
Rayon Vert SW854
Aladdin SW355
Sabiduria SW136
Alice SW340
Ursula SW365
Eggplant SW811
Violete Africana SW808
Dewberry SW141
Gingy SW358
Baco SW731
Land of Oz SW345
Polar Morn SW009
Playa SW871
Azules SW856
Impressionist Sky SW806
Cian SW683
Cirrus Gray SW845
Whales Road SW247
Persia SW852
Solis SW809
Lettuce SW037
Fiona SW346
Indiecita SW416
Jasmine SW347
Myths SW344
Camaleon SW684
Fresco y Seco SW128
Natural SW063
Pearl SW036
Black SW195
Frank Ochre SW035

A soft, smoothly-plied, lightweight sock yarn in a range of semi-solid and watercolor multi colorways. Spun from our luxurious merino and treated to make it machine washable for easy care. Don’t be fooled by the name- while it’s certainly a treat for the feet, this delightful yarn is also a particular favorite for shawls, scarves, garments, baby and child items, and gloves.

Be sure to get enough yarn to complete your project since each skein may vary from the next.  To ensure random color distribution, work from two balls of yarn at once, alternating a few rows from each ball.  For ball winding services click here.

Mini skeins are hand wound into cakes in the shop.  Please allow 1 day for processing your order.  For orders of 10 or more minis, please contact us for processing fees and timelines for shipping

 Sock/Light Fingering

 FIBER CONTENT: 100% Superwash Merino Wool
WEIGHT: 25g / 110 yds
NEEDLE SIZE: US 1-3 / 2.25-3.25mm
GAUGE: 8 sts per inch / 3.6cm
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash, gentle cycle in cold water. Do not tumble.

Color Descriptions:  

Aladdin - variegated shades of purple & rose; slightly lighter than Sabiduria 

Alice - variegated shades of lavender/purple with ecru peeking through

Aniversario - highly variegated with every vibrant color of the rainbow concentrating the red & purple hues. Each skein is unique.

Archangel - highly variegated yarn that fades from lavender to pink to orange, then red to yellow and back to bright purple. knits up in a beautiful array of colors.

Azules - variegated rich blues with undertones of purple & turquoise

Baco - ecru base heavily speckled with dark blue, black, purple, red, and yellow

Black - solid black

Camaleon -  all the colors of the chameleon including reds, & concentration of blues & greens in beautiful variegated multis

Carnival - ecru base heavily speckled with every color of the rainbow

Cian - Vibrant turquoise

Cirrus Gray - variegated navy & charcoal 

Dewberry - variegated brilliant, bright purple with dark purple sections

Eggplant - charcoal with a hint of dark purple

Fiona - variegated dark forest green and dark teal

Frank Ochre - dark yellow with green & orange undertones 

Fresco Y Seco - variegated yarn that is predominantly forest green that fades to lime or teal

Gingy - Limited Edition!  creamy nude/taupe, like ginger

Impressionist Sky - variegated rich sky blues with undertones of purple.

Indiecita - variegated with all shades of blues & greens with hints of purple & yellow. Each skein is different; please see images for lighter/darker skeins

Jasmine -  light sage green with undertones of gentle blue

Land of Oz - variegated smoke gray, tan & rust

Legend - ecru base with speckles of orange, yellow, purple, blue & dark red

Lettuce - lime green

Light of Love - variegated with pink and coral

Mask - ecru heavily speckled with red, dark red & black with some speckling in dark green, royal blue, orange, fuschia

Myths  -  base of pale green speckled with purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange & dark green

Natural - off white/ecru

Pearl - light grey/silver

Persia - light variegations of turquoise & grey

Playa - blues with undertones of taupe & brown

Polar Morn - variegated pale grey with undertones of blue

Ravelry Red - bright blood red

Rayon Vert - variegated yarn shifts from bright pink to deep purple to muddy brown.

Sabiduria Deep purple with streaks of black and plum

Solis - variegated with teals, dark aquas & lime greens

Stonechat - Variegated with bright red that blends to burgundy and black/brown

Terra Cotta - orange

Tin Soldier - variegated light and dark orange & cherry red

Ursula -  highly variegated shades of lavender to dark purple with speckles of yellow, orange, blue, & turquoise

Violete Africana - deep purple

Whales Road - variegated deep purple, vibrant blue & navy

Images by Yarn Loop

Category: Merino Wool, Mini Skein, Sock, Superwash Wool

Type: Yarn

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