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Manos del Uruguay - Fino Mini Skeins

Manos del Uruguay

PRE-ORDER any 5 colors
Augusta 1
Beatrix 2
Dorothea 4
Eleanor 05
Flora 06
Henrietta 8
Lydia 11
Willa 20
Amelia 23
Charlotte 25
Daphne 26
Brocade 457
Garnet Brooch 411
Boudoir 420
Turkish Delight 443
Havisham 421
Rosewater 413
Whalebone 448
Ivory Letter Opener 414
Crystal Goblet 408
Tea Leaves 449
Opal 435
Tincture 423
Storm Glass 429
Velvet Pincushion 407
Silhouette 403
Inkwell 402
Mourning 427

At last -- a chance to play with a handful of gorgeous Fino colors all at once. Perfect for your favorite gradient shawl pattern or fair-isle sweater!  Available in singles (20g each) or as a set of five 20g mini-skeins in a kit.  Choose one of the pre-made sets or choose  your own colors!  

Elegant and refined, Fino combines the softness of merino wool with the luster of silk in a lightweight yarn that’s perfect for heirloom accessories or luxurious garments. Fino features a new dye process that yields complex, subtle, tonal colors. 

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 Sock/Light Fingering

 FIBER CONTENT: 70% Extrafine Merino Wool / 30% Silk
WEIGHT: 100g / 490 yds
NEEDLE SIZE: US 3-5 / 3-3.5mm
GAUGE: 8 sts per inch / 3.6cm
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash in cold water. Dry flat

Color Packs-

#1 Augusta - Silver Teaset, Watered Silk, Storm Glass, Peacock Plume, Mourning

#2 Beatrix - Silver Teaset, Corsage, Storm Glass, Amethyst Earring, Mourning

#3 Clarissa - Porcelain, Rosewater, Ivory Letter-Opener, Silver Teaset, Storm Glass

#4 Dorothea - Chemise, Filigree, Topsy-Turvy, Velvet Pincushion, Tincture

#5 Eleanor - Rosewater, Havisham, Pocketwatch, Boudoir, Garnet Brooch

#6 Flora - Tincture, Velvet Pincushion, Crystal Goblet, Watered Silk, Folly

#8 Henrietta - Havisham, Corsage, Opal, Watered Silk, Ivory Letter-Opener

#11 Lydia - Storm Glass, Crystal Goblet, Velvet Pincushion, Havisham, Amethyst Earring

#14 Phoebe - Folly, Watered Silk, Rosewater, Pocketwatch, Brass Button

#16 Sybil - Topsy-Turvy, Gilt, Turkish Delight, Chemise, Fascinator

#20 Willa - Tincture, Velvet Pincushion, Opal, Promenade, Poison

#21 Yvette - Filigree, Topsy-Turvy, Elixir, Malachite, Admiral

#22 Zelda - Tea Biscuit, Songbird, Mead, Promenade, Poison

#23 Amelia - Silver Tea-Set, Topsy-Turvy, Malachite, Fascinator, Stormglass

#24 Bernadette - Velvet Pincushion, Topsy-Turvy, Tea Biscuit, Songbird, Mead

#25 Charlotte - Stormglass, Mead, Topsy-Turvy, Havisham, Inkwell

#26 Daphne - Turkish Delight, Topsy-Turvy, Brocade, Velvet Pincushion, Promenade

Images by Manos Del Uruguay, Fairmount Fibers & Yarn Loop

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