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Precious Knits by Regina Moessmer

BC Garn

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Knitting is valuable.  This beautiful yet functional collection of work by Regina Moessmer highlights different yarns from BC Garn while providing usable feminine garments.  

"It is the small things that bring us happiness: to discover that beautiful new yarn, to hem and haw over the perfect colorway...casting on the first of many new stitches...

It is my wish that this book shall create one of these moments by adding a detail that is neither minor nor trivial at all: the right design.  It would make me so happy if you could feel just a little bit of that joy on every page, that joy we had in making this book come true."   --Regina Moessmer

Precious Knits includes these patterns on the following yarns.  Click any link to go directly to the kit!  After all, every knitting book should come with yarn.  (Coming Soon):

  • Akari -- Hamilton Tweed 1
  • Akiko -- Semilla Grosso
  • Coco -- Semilla Cable
  • Franca -- Semilla Cable
  • Jani -- Bio Balance
  • Joel -- Baby Alpaca
  • Lenchen -- Semilla Melange
  • Liekki -- Semilla Flame
  • Malli -- Semila Cable
  • Maine -- Semilla Grosso
  • Mashia -- Colori & Linengarn
  • Mince -- Semilla
  • Naveen -- Sarah Tweed & Semilla Extra Fino
  • Shai Coat -- Loch Lomond
  • Sizou -- Hamelton Tweed 1
  • Ziani -- Baby Alpaca

Hardcover, 160 pages

Published in 2019
Published by Eberl Print GmbH, Immenstadt

Photography by Felix Baptist, Regina & Wolfgang Moessmer, & Kirsten Luna Sonnemann

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