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Vivid by Tin Can Knits

Tin Can Knits


Vivid is part of a beautiful collection of lacework designs in Handmade in the UK by Emily Wessel of Tin Can Knits.  From Emily:  "Most of my life I have been ambivalent about babies. I was quite surprised that turning 30 and meeting a handsome man who wants kids has changed my outlook…
Now I’m having vivid daydreams about a future that includes little ones, and my fantasies have begun to materialize in knitting!"

This pattern includes both line-by-line text instructions and a lace chart.  The baby blanket is 20 squares with infinite possibilities including different yarn weights!  Choose between fingering, DK & worsted/aran weight depending on how large you would like the finished blanket.  You can make every square from a new color, make the edgings a different color, or make a solid colored blanket.

Please visit Tincanknits website at for the Vivid blanket tutorial, tips & tricks as well as a view of their full range of patterns.  

Kit includes pattern and selected yarn.   Choose between Various Colors (Each Square in variety of colors) or MC Borders (each square bordered in Main Color).  Please wash yarn before assembling the blanket if you are using various colors to prevent color bleeding.  Please include special instructions in "Notes" at checkout such as Boy Blanket, Girl Blanket, Blue/Green Gradient, Pastels, etc for your specifications.  Or allow us to pick colors for you!


Fingering      DK      Worsted/Aran

DESIGNER RECOMMENDED FINGERING YARN: 2-Ply Jumper Weight by Jamieson & Smith (100% Shetland Wool; 25g/125yds): 13 Skeins.  Shown in colors  23, 91, 121, 125, 93, 1403, 9113, 1280, 75, FC34, 132, FC41, 142 weighing 225g.

DESIGNER RECOMMENDED DK YARN: Yellow Label DK Weight by Tanis Fiber Arts (100% Merino Wool; 115g/260 yds): # Skeins

ALTERNATE FINGERING YARN: Sock by Malabrigo (100% Superwash Merino Wool; 25g/110 yds Mini Skein or 100g/440 yds): 2 Mini Skeins in each of 10 assorted colors -or- 2 skeins MC & 1 skein in each of 4 colors.  Gorgeous, variegated kettle-dyed superwash merino wool from Uruguay.  Malabrigo has been a worldwide favorite since its introduction due to its coloring, soft hand, and easy care. 

ALTERNATE DK YARN: Arroyo by Malabrigo (100% Superwash Merino Wool; 33g/105 yds Mini Skein or 100g/330 yds): 2 Mini Skeins in each of 10 assorted colors.  Or 2 skeins MC & 1 skein in each of 5 colors. This kettle-dyed yarn has a beautiful color variegation and is easy care, traditional superwash.  Malabrigo is made in Uruguay and has been a worldwide favorite since its introduction.

ALTERNATE DK YARN: Cotton Fleece Worsted by Brown Sheep Co (80% Pima Cotton / 20% Merino Wool; 100g/215 yds): 2 Skeins in each of 8 assorted colors or 5 skeins MC & 1 skein in each of 8 assorted colors.  Cotton Fleece Worsted is a DK weight yarn (worsted refers to its spinning method, not the weight of the yarn) that is made in America.  Pima Cotton provides a lovely sheen and breathability of the fabric while the wool provides elasticity and bounce. 

ALTERNATE WORSTED YARN: Rios by Malabrigo (100% Superwash Merino Wool; 100g/210 yds): 2 Skein in each of 8 assorted colors or 5 skeins MC & 1 skeins in each of 8 assorted colors.  Gorgeous kettle-dyed & superwashed merino wool from Uruguay.  Expect slight color variations in the finished blanket.  This is a favorite among Ravelers for the Vivid Blanket.

ALTERNATE WORSTED YARN: O-Wash Worsted by O-Wool  (100% Washable Certified Organic Merino Wool; 100g/179 yds): 2 Skeins each in 8 assorted Colors or 6 Skeins MC & 9 Skeins assorted colors.  O-Wash is a special GOTS certified treatment that allows the wool to retain its original wooly qualities while stabilizing the fibers to prevent felting.  It has an extremely nice hand, and is quickly becoming a favorite yarn in America.  Milled, spun & dyed in NW USA.

SIZE:  Baby Blanket, increases in size as yarn weight increases
FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: Each Square is 7.5" in Fingering (9" in DK & 10.5" in Aran Weight yarn.   Blanket measures 30" x 37.5" in Fingering, 36" x 45" in DK, & 42" x 52.5" in Aran/Worsted
YARDAGE: Fingering 70 yds per square, DK 100 yds per square, Worsted/Aran 130 yds per square
SKILL LEVEL: Easy to Intermediate

NEEDLES: Fingering Weight - Size US 5 / 3.75mm circular or straight needles.  DK Weight - Size US 7 / 4.5mm circular or straight needles.  Worsted/Aran Weight - Size US 9 / 5.5mm circular or straight needles.  Please block and measure and adjust needles as necessary to obtain correct size.
OTHER TOOLS: Stitch markers, darning needle

Blanket images courtesy of Tin Can Knits & yarn images by Yarn Loop

Vivid Blanket Tutorial

Category: Baby, Blanket, DK, super fine weight, Worsted

Type: Pattern

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